62 80’s Hairstyles That Will Have You Reliving Your Youth


The 80’s certainly were an interesting time for hairstyles. If you want to remember the days of your youth, then you came to the right place. These hairstyles will have you feeling nostalgic in no time. The 80’s were filled with all kinds of crazy hairstyles.
If you want to reminisce and truly own up to the fact that you were once a child of the 980’s and you totally rocked these styles then check these styles out. One thing is for sure we all used a lot of hairspray! Below are 62 80’s Hairstyles That Will Have You Reliving Your Youth:

80's Hairstyles

80's Hairstyles

80's Hairstyles

80's Hairstyles

  1. Feathered Look

Farrah Fawcett rocked this look and became one of the bombshells of the 80’s. The feathered style was very popular.

2. The Whale Spout

The whale spout was what they called this hairstyle because of how the ponytail stood up straight. Even Demi Moore totally rocked the 80’s.

3. Simple Wave

This style was what they called low-maintenance back then, no need for hairspray.

4. Big Volume

Madonna knew how to give big hair! The 80’s were all about lots of volume and big hair.

5. The Headband

The headband is another style that was big and wild.

6. Curly Styles

Sarah Jessica Parker rocked her curls in the 80’s. She had the same hairstyle in the movie Footloose.

7. Whitney Love

Long and curly was the style back then. No one was worried about trying to straighten out their curls because big hair was the fashion.

8. Long Styles

Headbands of every shape and style were popular in the 80’s.

9. Side Part

For some reason, a big style in the 80’s was to always look like you were on the way to the gym, mainly because of these headbands.

10. Princess Style

We also had the style where you looked like a little princess, bowtie and all.

11. Punk Rock

We can’t help but smile when we remember the punk rock style.

12. High Top

A great style if you are looking for high drama.

13. Crimped Style

The crimped style has been around for awhile and it’s still around. It’s actually a very pretty look.

14. Highlights

A great style that has many different layers. Many people were able to have big styles by just adding a lot of layers into their hair because it added a lot of volume.

15. Bold Styles

This high style is truly dramatic. If you like bold blondes than this is the look for you.It’s actually a pretty sexy style. She has a high bump in the front which is still used today and the rest is pulled into a very long ponytail. We then, of course, have the braid on the side. We see all these elements in the style we use today.

16. Bold Curls

Brooke Shields was always great at letting her hair down and we always loved those long loose curls.

17. Braided Styles

Braids never go out of style. We adore this braid that hangs in the front. It’s a different style that you could still used today, braids are always going to be popular. It’s a look that never goes out of style.

18. French Braids

Remember the styles we had where all our bangs were held together with hairspray? Hairspray was bought in bulk in the 80’s because we needed to keep our high styles in place. Especially the big bangs.

19. The Scrunchie

The Fullhouse style was hugely popular in the 80’s. We all remember those scrunchies. Ponytails were always held back with scrunchies.

20. Sexy Styles

This 90210 star knows how to vamp it up with this big hairstyle. Talk about serious volume. It’s a very sexy look that can still be used to this day.

21. Hairspray Styles

One thing is for sure, the 80`s were full of hairstyles that required a lot of hairspray.

22. Bowties

This is a gorgeous style that is truly unique. Many people are still wearing these 80’s styles to this day. It’s still popular and many times old styles come back to haunt us once again.

23. Funky Styles

The 80’s were all about hairstyles that made us feel like rockstars and this is a great example of it. This iconic rockstar really knew how to produce some great hairstyles.

24. Side Styles

This styles will make you feel like you’re part of the Babysitter’s Club. Talk about a weird hairstyle and yet at the time, it was very popular.

25. Bold Hair

Tyra Banks has always had the latest style; she is a model after all.

26. Flip Style

The feathered look was a simple one, but it was very popular in the 80’s.

27. Partial Pony

This side pony combined with the scrunchie is all you need to go back to the 80’s.

28. Middle Part

Another style that is still prevalent to this day. A simple middle part with all the volume that you need.

29. Big Hair

80’s was certainly the time for big hair, but this one may have gone completely overboard.

30. Wavy Styles

Brooke Shields is at it again with this gorgeous wavy style. This was popular in the 80’s because it mimicked the feathered style.

31. Big Volume

There is so much hair here and we love all the volume. 80’s is well known for producing big hair.

32. The Mullet

The mullet is a style none of us can understand, especially for women but it happened. In the 80’s both men and women were sported the mullet style where the hair on top was super short and the back was long. Very bizarre.

33. Sweet Styles

A short style that is once again feathered back.

34. Feathered Love

Princess Diana was the Queen of feathered hair. She had this style for many years and it was well suited for her.

35. Spouting Water

The whale spout has reared its ugly head once again. This style was SO popular in the 80’s.

36. Gorgeous Curls

Now, this is big hair! It’s made huge with big bouncing curls.

37. Rockin Style

Being a rock star or at least having the style for it was pretty big in the 80’s.

38. Hippie Style

The hippie style wasn’t just in the 60’s and 70’s, it followed right into the 80’s as well.

39. Curls for Girls

Long and lengthy curls were huge in the 80’s. This was before hair straighteners became popular. People loved their curls.

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40. Crazy Hair

Some pony’s in the 80’s often got a little out of control.

41. Soft Styles

We still see styles like this to this day; we love the loose curls.

42. Big Bangs

Big hair and big bangs are what the 80’s were all about. She has very thick hair and the bangs are pretty thick too.

43. Bowtie Headbands

A curly style that is pulled back with a large bow headband.

44. Feather Braids

These feather braids were very popular in the 80’s.

45. Big and Brave

Another style that is short but has a blow-out style.

46. Dirty Dancing

Jennifer Grey knew all about the big hairstyle she was known for it in the movie, Dirty Dancing. Hers was so big because of the curls.

47. Exotic Style

A simple style that consists of a headband and a braid.

48. Big Bang Styles

Bangs were huge in the 80’s and it usually consisted of using a lot of hairspray.

49. The Bump

A great style that is still popular these days because it’s a classy and sophisticated style.

50. Long Hair

These long hairstyles were hugely possible because they fit with the big hair.

51. Rocking Styles

These short styles with lots of volume were very popular in the 80’s. A lot of powerful women in the 80’s rocked the style.

52. Colored Headbands

Kate Hudson is still rocking the 80’s styles with this colorful headband.

53. Side Braid

If you have ever wondered where the shaved style came from then look no further than this 80’s style.

54. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson knew how to rock the big hairstyle in the 80’s. That is obvious by this style.

55. Big Mohawk

A great style that still has the big hairstyle but we also see where the shaved style came from.

56. Rolling Mohawks

Another gorgeous Mohawk style that has some huge rolling curls on top.

57. Short and Sweet

A very simple style and one that you are sure to love even till this day.

58. Curly Bangs

Big hair, bigger bangs and mounds of curls, that was the style back in the 80’s and we are so glad that it’s gone.

59. Curly Headbands

Sarah Jessica Parker is once again showing off her big curls with this awesome headband.

60. High Top Styles

Another mullet and this one has a really high top. A weird style that we are glad to see gone.

61. Tight Styles

This yearbook photo is insane and we can’t even believe that this was a style. Tight ponytails were popular and so was big hair. This girl combined the two to give herself a truly memorable yearbook photo.

62. Different Curls

This particular short style was popular in the 80’s especially if you had curls. The curls in the front are certainly different in this photo.


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