132 Easy Designs for Short Nails That You Can Try at Home

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11. Heavy Metals: Metallic nail accents are huge for fall – and so easy to duplicate. Simple metallic touches give your manicure a modern makeover. Silver and copper can work just as well as gold. .   Choose a base coat that works with your wardrobe.  Anything goes with gold so have fun. Some of our favorites are shades of gray, green, or Marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year.   Using a nail art brush or metallic decals, add stripes, hearts or dots before finishing with a high-quality top coat.     By far, the best gold polish we’ve tried is Essie’s Good as Gold. It offers maximum shine and resists chipping and peeling. cute nail designs 2012. Modern Geometry:  Geometric shapes are everywhere in fashion and beauty right now – including nails. This manicure features a candy apple red base accented with a pink chevron pattern.   You can take great pains to tape off and paint straight lines if you have the time.  We actually suggest using professional nail striping tape found at any nail supply store for just a few dollars.  You can make each nail uniform or design each stripe unique to each nail.  Add rhinestones or studs for more bling.     cute nail designs 21 13. Cheerful Cherry Blossoms: Here is another pretty pink design that is perfect as we wind down the summer.  Choose a bubble-gum pink shade for eight nails, leaving your ring finger nail free to bloom.  Over an opaque white base, use a nail art pen or toothpick to draw the cherry blossom tree branches.  Add tiny dabs of the same pink you painted on the other nails for the center of each flower. Use a lighter shade of pink to gently encircle each pink dot.  The colors will blend slightly – which mirrors the soft shape of the flower itself.   cute nail designs 22 14. Ombre Chic: A super modern take on the colors of the traditional French manicure is this glittery ombre design.  Paint your nails with the natural nude and white shades traditionally usually used in French manicure.  For this design, paint the nail white from the tip of the nail to the middle, meeting the nude polish.  While your colors are still wet, brush over the entire nail in a clear top coat. This will blend the colors together, creating an ombre effect.  You can add an additional glitter top coat if desired. You can also cover the ring finger nail completely in glitter polish for a fun accent.       cute nail designs 23 15. Updated Dots:  This nail design is the 2015 take on polka dots.  Using black, white and gold, this is a real red-carpet manicure.  Begin with a white base on all nails except your ring finger, which you will paint pure black. Stamp dots in complementary colors using a large professional mail art dabber or the bottom of a thicker make-up brush.  Allow one set of dots to begin before adding the second shade. There is no “right” design. Unleash your artistic side and have fun!   cute nail designs 24 16.Feeling Blue: This design contrasts two shades of blue with silver accents for a modern, linear look. Paint your nails the lightest shade of blue or whatever color family you choose to use.  Once that coat is completely try, use small pieces of scotch tape to create the shapes you want to paint the other shades. For every nail except the ring finger, you would apply one piece of curved tape in the center of the nail, leaving openings at either end for the other shades.  If you wanted an alternate design on the ring finger nail, you would simple apply the tape in different areas.  After painting the remaining areas in the two other shades, allow nails to dry before applying top coat. cute nail designs 27 17. Glitter Girl:  Possibly the easiest nail design to recreate is this stunningly sparkly glitter manicure. This looks is perfect for girls’ night out or a romantic date.  The addition of glitter pumps up any shade of polish. After painting you nails with your favorite shade, allow to dry and coat with a top coat specially formulated with glitter.  There are several on the market, but our favorite is Essie’s Luxeffects Glitter Top Coat.  It may look like you spent all day in the nail salon, but this design only requires two simple steps.  If blue isn’t one of your favorite shades, try Violet, Cardinal Red or Mint Green.  All would look great with a hint of sparkle!   cute nail designs 28 18. Plaid Perfection: The pastel trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, so why not try it on your nails?  This design uses pastel shades of yellow, blue, pink and purple.  You can use a different color on each nail, only on your ring finger, or stick to one base shade for all nails.  Once your base coat is dry, use your thinnest nail brush available to apply a grid of white lines to each nail.  You can make the lines as close together or far apart as your prefer. As always, finish with a good top coat.   cute nail designs 29 19. Lovely Lace:  Another runway trend that is showing up in nail salons across the country is the look of lace.  Delicate and sometimes dark, lace adds feminine drama.  This manicure is no exception.  This intricate design might look like an advanced technique, but don’t be intimidated. Start with two coats of your favorite red polish.  Next, there are a few ways to add the look of lace to your nails.  You can actually attach small pieces of real lace to your nail with a clear polish.  You can paint over lace stencils with a dark polish, like the black glitter shade shown here. Last and probably the easiest, you can simply attach lace decals over your base and seal with top coat.  Whichever you choose, you are going to love the ladylike finished product.   cute nail designs 31 20. Graphic Glamour: This is another super modern manicure that can be achieved in just a few simple steps.  You can either start with a nude polish base or leave your nail natural before adding your graphics.  Using either small strips of scotch tape, cover the areas you want to leave natural.  Paint the remaining areas either black or white. You can also use nail striping tape to create the same effect.  Try a distinct design on each nail as shown here, or repeat the same shape on each.  The use of basic shapes like triangles and rectangles gives this manicure beautiful simplicity. cute nail designs 32

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