132 Easy Designs for Short Nails That You Can Try at Home

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21. Personal Touch: Accenting a stark white manicure with a single meaningful image has maximum impact. To duplicate this design, simply coat nails with 2-3 coats of white or pale gray polish until opaque. Allow to thoroughly dry before applying nail art to the ring finger nail.  Here are some ideas for art that will make your manicure a true extension of your personality. Profess your love for your sweetheart with the first initial of their first name.   Think of your favorite flower and draw or stencil it on a single fingernail.  Show your spiritual side with a simple cross or “om.” With so many nail art options and tools at your disposal, you manicure can be as personal as your tattoo.   cute nail designs 3622. Meow Wow: Animal print never seems to go out of style and this nail design is a fun way to show off your wild side.  Try a pink, white, gold or silver base. After your base coat dries, use the thinnest nail art brush available to draw stripes in black polish across the nail bed. Be sure to lighten up on the brush as you move across the nail. This will make the stripes narrower at the ends.   If you don’t have a professional nail brush available, a toothpick will work perfectly for this design. You can either finish with clear top coat or for extra bling, add rhinestones between each stripe. cute nail designs 37 23. Luxe Linear: Modern manicures leave the single color, uniform designs of the past behind.  Anything seems to go, as long as all your nails are follow the same style and color story. In this design, shades of periwinkle are contrasted with bright white and silver accents.  To create these graphic looks, use scotch tape to section off the areas you want to designate for each color. Be sure to allow each coat to dry completely or your colors will bleed into each other.  When all polish is dry, use ultra-thin metallic striping tape to delineate each section.  Include chevrons, triangles and diamonds for visual appeal. Seal with an extra tough top coat to keep the striping tape in its place. We swear by Cina Gold’s Nail Striping Masking Tape for lasting results. cute nail designs 42 24. Museum-Worthy:  Okay, this look might require a few more steps, but it is oh so worth it.  This is another take on the graphic trends we’re seeing everywhere right now.  For this look, you will use black polish and three shades from the same color family.  Here we are have pretty purples. The only reason this design might take a bit more time is because more colors means more drying time. Looking closely, you see that each nail is divided horizontally directly at the center. First, you will tape off one half of the nail.  Paint the other half the darkest shade of purple and allow it to dry.  After covering the painted half with tape, paint the other half the lightest shade of purple and let it dry.  Next tape off an area of the nail exposing a rectangle off to the side of each nail. Paint that exposed area black and allow to dry. Using your medium shade of purple, paint a smaller rectangle on top of the bigger black rectangle. This design looks best with a matte top coat. cute nail designs 43 25. Lovely Ladybugs: This is the perfect nail design for mom and daughter to create together during “girl time.”   These little ladybugs are perfect in their imperfection and don’t require any special tools beyond a nail pen and dabber.  Start with a true red polish.  Allow to dry.  Using a nail pen or thin brush and black polish, draw a small semi-circle at the tip of the nail for the ladybug’s head.  Draw a line down the center of the nail from the cuticle to the beginning of the semi-circle.  Dab small black dots all over the nail and finish with white dots for the ladybug’s eyes. Finish with a high-gloss top coat. How sweet can they be! cute nail designs 44 26. Black Tie Affair: What could be more simple and classic than the pairing of black and white?  For the easiest nail design imaginable, accent a black polish base with simple tiny white dots. Use a professional dabber, the end of a bobby pin or the end of a make-up brush to add dots. It is very important with this design that the base is completely dry before applying the dots to prevent them from bleeding.  Seal with a shiny top coat.  Other cute combinations are periwinkle base with white polka dots, and cherry red base with black polka dots. cute nail designs 4827. Girly-GirlStart with a nude or natural base.  Using a thin nail pen or toothpick, draw a diagonal line across the tip of the nail with black polish.  Fill in the area at the top of the nail with pink or purple polish – anything feminine. At this point you can either draw small bows, use nail art bow stencils, or attach three-dimensional bow decals.  Our favorite bows are in Supernova’s 3D Bow Manicure Wheel.  These bows are the easiest to apply and come in a variety of colors. Dab small white dots in the pink section if you wish and seal with a sturdy top coat. cute nail designs 50 28. Lace ’em Up: Another great design for school-age girls is this lace-up tennis shoe manicure. After painting your base coat in alternating colors, paint semi-circles at the tips of each nail. Use a nail pen, toothpick, or thin brush to paint white laces zig-zagging down each nail.  Add black dots to the end of each lace and a single black line around the base of each sole. Finish with top coat. Use school colors to show your team spirit!   cute nail designs 53 29. Aloha Beautiful: You can hold on to summer long into fall with this tropical theme nail design.  Using a French manicure as your canvas, create stunning flowers and butterflies in vibrant blues, yellows and reds with just a few steps. After your base coat has completely dried, use a medium side nail art brush dipped in your brightest shades to create a series of teardrops, all meeting in the middle. These are the petals of your flowers.  With a dark green polish create a few smaller scattered teardrops which will become the leaves. Add delicate black accents in the center of your flowers.  Finish your flowers with thin white accents along the center of each petal. You can add small polka dots if you like. For your butterflies, you can use a stencil to create the outer shape of the insect in black – if you aren’t comfortable drawing free-hand. Using the same colors you used to create your flowers, create stripes of color inside the outline of the butterfly.  Add white accents on the butterfly wings and finish with top coat. We told you it was easier than it looked. OPI’s Hawaii color collection was practically made for this design.   cute nail designs 565 30. Beautiful Butterflies:  Yet another update on the French Manicure is this design, transforming the white nail tips into beautiful butterflies.  Use two coats of a natural or nude polish and allow to dry thoroughly. At this point you can either draw your butterflies by hand using black and white nail pens, use stencils or decals, depending on your artistic prowess.  For a touch of sparkle, add a rhinestone in the center of each butterfly on your ring finger.  Always use two coats of top coat with 3-D design elements.   cute nail designs 654 31. Bright and Beautiful: This simple take on a French manicure is bright and cheerful, perfect for summer days.  Start with a few coats of an opaque white polish.  Chose five different bright polishes – one for each nail. You can use five shades of the same color family, or go for every color of the rainbow.  If the brush that comes with your polish is thin, you can use it to dab dots along the tip of each nail.  If you need a thinner tool, try using the head of a nail, or the point of a pen that is of ink. This is a quirky manicure, so the dots don’t need to be perfect.  Finish with clear or sparkly top coat.

nail-designs-for-short-nails-pics32. Very Berry Blast: Perhaps the most utterly adorable nail design in our collection is this fruity berry manicure. Again, this is a great look for those warm summer days. Start with a pale shade of peachy pink and go for two coats.  At each cuticle, use a thin nail pen or toothpick to draw your strawberry “leaves.” Finish this fun and flirty look with white polka dots and a high-glass top coat.  We think the perfect pink for these strawberries is Wet n Wild’s Shine Nail Color in Tickled Pink.


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