88 Beautiful and Flattering Haircuts For Oval Faces


If you are thinking about cutting your hair, but you aren’t sure what style would suit you best, then you came to the right place. Sometimes it can e difficult to find a style that suits you the best and it has a lot to do with the shape of your face. You might not be aware of what styles suit the oval shape the best. You are lucky though; the oval face is one of the most attractive shape son a woman. With a shape like that you are sure to look fabulous in the style that you choose. There are so many styles that you can choose from and we are here to help you along the way. If you are looking for some inspiration, then this is the article for you.

There are many styles that are both beautiful and versatile and most importantly flattering to the shape of your face. We have many styles to choose from; you are sure to find a look that suits you perfectly. The styles are simple and easy and you will feel like a goddess in no time.

Check out these 88 Beautiful and Flattering Haircuts For Oval Faces:

  1. A Simple Updo

An updo as simple as this one is sure to make you feel like the belle of the ball. If you are looking for great styles for an oval face, then Jennifer Lawrence is a good person to follow.

2. Medium Lengths

This medium length haircut is perfect for the oval face. We love the messy style as well.

3. Short Styles

If you are looking for a big and bold change, then you can’t go wrong with this pixie style. These styles are great to show off the bone structure of your oval face. Why hide your face when you can show it off.

4. Add Some Bangs

Medium length haircuts are always popular for oval faces and we just love the straight across bangs here.

5. Layered Styles

Layered styles that frame the oval face perfectly are awesome. We love this straight style because it accentuates everything perfectly.

6. Blonde Bobs

Bobs are great haircut choices and they will flatter your new look. Why not add a color change as well and have a completely fresh look.

7. Blue Rocks

We are showing off the face again with this loose hairstyle. If you really want a different look, then a bright new shade may be all you need.

8. Standard Pixie

This is a simple and standard pixie style that will show off all your lovely features.

9. Beautiful Glow

Everything about this style from the gorgeous color to the awesome style just makes this girl glow all over. Get your own glow and rock this hairstyle.

10. Soft Styles

A great style that you are sure to love. Charlize Theron is really rocking this wavy bob and you will too.

11. Choppy Styles

A great style is just around the corner for you. We love these short, choppy styles.

12. Wavy Styles

A great new style that is simple and easy to incorporate into your life. Medium length styles are perfect for oval shaped faces.

13. Long Styles

Almost any style is great for oval shaped faces because it is the most flattering shape out there. So, long or short, the style is going to look great on you.

14. Wavy Looks

A great style that you are sure to love. It’s another great example of a long wavy style that works for any season.

15. Braided Styles

A great style that is awesome and braided. We love these updos, so if you have an event coming up then try it out.

16. Celebrity Looks

This straight style is very long and polished. It’s a great style to wear to an event or party.

17. Sweet Style

The Princess knows all about style and she is one to follow if you can. This is a simple look that you can wear anywhere.

18. Choppy Pixie

This sexy pixie style is choppy and will suit the oval-shaped perfectly. This gives you the opportunity to show off your best features.

19. Square Styles

A great style that has a square look to it. It’s a wonderful style that you can rock out during the warmer months. Try this style out this summer.

20. A Side Style

A great style that is gorgeous for a formal event. A side-swept style is sure to please you no matter where you are going.

21. Side Swept Bang

A long style with a side swept bang is one of the most popular styles this season. We love these gorgeous styles.

22. Simple Pixie

A pixie style that will be very simple to put together. This is a low-maintenance style that you aren’t going to have to spend a lot of time on.

23. Bold Styles

Another great pixie style that you will be able to rock out to any event.

24. Volumizing Styles

This wavy pixie has all the volume you are ever going to need. We love this gorgeous style.

25. Beautiful Ponytails

Why not try a simple ponytail. It’s a great opportunity to show off those amazing features if yours.

26. Bouncy Curls

If you need a glamour look for your next event, then you can’t go wrong with this one. We love this gorgeous style.

27. Choppy Lengths

Choppy haircuts can come in many different lengths. This style is gorgeous and one that you can wear anywhere.

28. Layered Styling

A layered look is just what you need for a new style. When the layers meet the chin, it’s going to showcase your oval face.

29. Messy Pixie

If you want a style that is a little edgier than you can’t go wrong with this messy style. This is a great look that you are sure to love.

30. Blonde Styles

A great style that looks even more incredible with a blonde coloring.

31. Redhead Styles

Part of what makes this style amazing is the bright copper color. But that doesn’t mean you have to become a redhead. The long length is great for the oval-shaped face.

32. Wavy Shapes

These styles are truly unique and wonderful. Try this one out this season to freshen up your style.

33. Cropped Styles

If you are looking for a big change then why not try out this short pixie style. These styles are sure to keep you cool all summer long.

34. Simple Waves

Another great example of a medium length style.

35. Sweeping Styles

Rachel McAdams has always been a babe. Copy her style to have the best look out there.

36. Longer Lines

A style that is long and sexy. Try it out this summer.

37. Gorgeous Styles

Another great style that is long with some bangs.

38. Middle Part

This long style looks great with a middle part.

39. Frame the Face

A great style that is a simple bob. This style frames the face which is perfect for the oval shape.

40. Braided Looks

A great updo that is classy and elegant.

41. Layered Pixie

This pixie has many different lengths in it to provide more volume.

42. Dark Styles

Rachel McAdams looks completely different in this style, but that’s all part of changing up your look.

43. Bold Pixie

A bold new style that has more bangs than anything else.

44. Messy and Stylish

A medium length style that you are sure to love because if its simplicity.

45. Tight Curls

A great style that is glamorous and classy.

46. Bold and Stylish

A very short style that is sure to please you.

47. Bold Bob

A great style that is sophisticated and chic. We love it.

48. Bold Curls

A great curly style that is super short.

49. Softer Styles

A great style that is short and elegant. This would be a cool look for summer.

50. Simple Lengths

A great style that you can show off at every event you go to this summer.

51. Loose Looks

Julia Roberts is the Queen of classy styles. This is a great hairstyle for any event.

52. Circular Styles

This bob frames the shape of the face and we love the look.

53. Bold and Lovely

You will turn heads wherever you go with this stunning style.

54. A Celebrity Style

A simple look can be all you need for a fresh new change.

55. Model Style

Jessica Alba is proving that you can have a simple style that is also chic too.

56. Bouncing Layers

You can’t help but love this long style.

57. Lingering Looks

Get ready to turn a lot of heads with this sexy style.

58. Wavy New Styles

A great style that you are sure to love no matter where you are going.

59. Elegant Updo

If you need a classy style for your next event, then this is the one for you.

60. Bright Styles

A choppy style that has some amazing color.

61. Shining Styles

You are sure to steal the show wherever you go with this style.

62. Bold and Wavy

A great style that is simple yet very pretty.

63. Side Part

Mila Kunis looks amazing with this side style.

64. Simple and Pretty

This bob is lovely and if you want a simple style, then you have found it.

65. Choppy Layers

A great style that is super short. We love that the layers are choppy throughout.

66. Simple Lengths

A great style that you can wear anywhere.

67. Blonde Designs

A great style that is simple to put together and has an amazing color.

68. Elite Styles

This socialite knows what styles are cool and when it comes to complimenting her looks this is a great option.

69. Simplicity is Key

This is a class bob style that is still popular.

70. Curly Looks

We love a fresh new look and you will love these curls.

71. Cascading Waves

A great style that is both glamorous and simple.

72. Classic Pixie

This is a classic pixie style and one that has a lot of choppy layers. These styles are still very popular to this day.

73. Straight Cut

This haircut has a straight edge to it which always comes off as a bolder look.

74. Edgy Styles

A super short style that is edgy if that’s what you are looking for.

75. Straighter Looks

If you like casual looks, then this would be a great haircut for you.

76. Choppy Looks

We love this choppy pixie because of the many different layers.

77. Long Styles

If you are a fan of Blake Lively’s style then why not try her long looks.

78. Stone Style

Emma Stone is totally rocking this medium length style.

79. Long Bangs

These bangs are a lot longer than most and that creates its own special look.

80. Great Blondes

This vampire looks completely different as a blonde, but we sure do love those waves.

81. Simple Styling

We love this style because it is so simple to put together. If you don’t have a lot of time, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

82. Add Some Color

Sometimes all you need is a little color change to give yourself a fresh new look. Pastel colors are great for spring and summer, so add a splash of color to see if you like it.

83. Bold Styling

Jennifer Garner is great in these styles, simple and pretty. These longer lengths are gorgeous.Try out Garner’s style this spring and wow the crowd.

84. Curly and Cute

Another great long style that will turn heads all night long. If you’re not someone who likes to cut their hair, then this is the perfect style for you.

85. Polished Styles

A great style that would be perfect for the office, it’s classy and put together look. If you like styles that are more polished and sophisticated, then this is the style for you.

86. Sweet Styles

A cute style that has the sides shaved and the top long. If you want an edgier style, then you must try this style this spring. It is sure to turn heads wherever you go.


87. Model Looks

You are sure to feel like a model with this gorgeous look.

88. A Fashionable Look

These simple styles are not only beautiful but they re really easy to style. You can totally pull this style off no matter where you go.


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