78 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 40


Are you looking for a style that is not only aged appropriately but still majorly awesome as well? Then look no further than here, we have all the styles that you need to not only keep you stylish but make you feel years younger as well.

Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Turning 40 is certainly an exciting time. You have now reached a new milestone so why not change up your style a bit. It’s time to upgrade your new look with a stunning new style. When you are younger, you usually choose a hairstyle based off of your own personal style, something that speaks to you. You follow the trends or your friends to know what’s stylish. As you get older, it’s easier to get stuck in a rut and not really worry about personal style. But that’s all going to change now. By the time you reach your forties, you already know who you are as a person. It’s less about making an impression or following your friend’s fashion trends. It’s more about being true to yourself and choosing a style that represents your worth as a woman. The hairstyles at this age are generally more classy and elegant but also sassy and playful. Nothing says you can’t have fun when your forty and your hairstyle is a great example of that. You can have great sex appeal with a contemporary hairstyle, something that says you still want to be noticed even at 40.

What Does a hairstyle for a 40-Year-Old Look Like?

It can be a number of things, but the most popular choices are:

  • Fashionable and Professional
  • Chic
  • Sexy and Sophisticated
  • Natural Looking
  • Bold and Shaggy
  • Low Maintenance
  • Edgy

The sky is the limit for sexy styles that you can bring into your life. You can do anything you want at 40, and there are a number of styles that can be very flattering on you. There are many styles that accentuate the stronger features you have on your face, to truly bring out your own personal style. You may not be aware that a short hairstyle can highlight your beautiful cheek bones. Whether you keep your hair long or short, you are sure going to love these amazing hairstyles.

Make sure that you have a great hairstylist when you go about getting your new look. You want to ensure that it comes out looking as gorgeous as you want it to be.

If you are ready to change up your style, then check out these amazing options. Below are 78 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 40:

  1. Short and Sweet

If you love short hair, then you are sure to love this low maintenance style. It would take very little to style this do if you were in a hurry to get to work.

2. The Layered Look

It’s a great look that can accentuate your best features. Getting layers is always a popular hair choice.

3. Short Bob

I love this cute style because you can wear it anywhere. It’s a wonderful style with some loose waves.

4. Sophisticated Style

This is a stylish look for anyone that loves traditional styles.

5. Sexy Waves

This stunning style is short, but the waves make it so gorgeous. If you are looking for a new style this season, then you are sure to love this one.

6. Classy Styles

Who says gray hair can’t be fun. This hairstyle is sure to take ten years off your look. A gorgeous style that you are sure to love. 

7. Catherine Zeta-Jones

This sexy actress always knows the great styles to have, and this one is no different. She looks stunning in these layers that frame her face.

8. Flipped Style

These layers are flipped away from the face to create an almost vintage look.

9. Brilliant Colors

Nothing will brighten up your style more than some bold blonde highlights. These ones just pop right off adding a lot of dimension to her style.

10. Faith Hill

A great look that is amazing for those that love short hair. It’s playful and fun and can be worn for many years to come.

11. Caramel Highlights

The contrasting colors in this look are truly amazing. If you want a change just add some highlights.

12. Celebrity Style

This celebrity is a big fan of short styles that are sassy and sexy. She really rocks this look, who says 40-year-olds can’t rock cool styles. 

13. Parted in The Middle

Michelle Phiefer has rocked this style for many years and she has never looked better. It’s gorgeous and just short enough to add a little fun to the style.

14. Edgy Styles

If you like living on the edge, then try a super short style like this one out. The shorter you go the more fuss there is to style your hair. I love these edgy looks because they really show off personality and a sense of style. Rock out this look this summer in any color and you are sure to be turning heads.

15. Stylish Designs

A great example of a short style that is very beautiful and stylish. It’s loose and casual but still very trendy. You won’t be accused of being a soccer mom with this sexy style.

16. Simple Styles

A simple style that you are sure to love because you can wear it anywhere. The highlights really add some dimension to the style as well. You will love rocking this style to the next garden party.

17. Short Layers

Another short look that has a lot of layers. A great style that is fun and sassy at the same time. Helen Mirren always looks cool no matter what she wears. She is a true class act and her hairstyle proves that.

18. Choppy Style

This choppy style is quite short in the back and much longer in the front. It’s a very edgy style that is sure to turn some heads. What a gorgeous cut!

19. Cameron Diaz

This actress has been rocking short styles for a long time and this one is very sexy. If you want to turn heads this summer then try out this sexy style.

20. Sophisticated Style

If you are all about that sophisticated style then you are sure to love this look.

21. Short and Choppy

A great short style that is choppy and free. There is very little maintenance involved with this style.

22. Simple Sophistication

A great style that you are sure to love for the office or everyday.

23. Fashionable Trends

This is a popular style because it’s very fashion forward. If you are looking for something short and edgy than this is the style for you.

24. Bright Lights

There is nothing more fun than adding some bright new highlights to your hair.

25. Simply Beautiful

A simple style but one that is very beautiful.

26. Burst of Red

If you love making a statement then you are sure to do so with this bright red color. A short and edgy style with some bright colors is sure to rock your summer.

27. Frame the Face

Layers are great for framing the face and accentuating your best features.

28. Short Looks

A great short style that is very short on the bottom with longer layers on the top. It is sure to keep you cool all summer long.

29. Feathered Look

As you can see with these sweeping layers, the feathered look is still very much in.

30. Angled Bob

The Angled bob is still a very popular choice when it comes to choosing a shirt style.

31. Sweeping Layers

An amazing short style where the layers sweep to the side. It’s a fun summer style that you are sure to love.

32. Striking Color

Nothing is better for a new hairstyle than a burst of color. This style is all about sexiness.

33. Many Layers

This is the kind of layered look that adds volume to your hair. If you lack volume or have really thin hair then this would be a great choice for you.

34. Longer Looks

A great style that isn’t too short and has some layers in it to add volume.

35. Pixie Cut

If you love your hair really short then why not try out a pixie cut! It’s an edgy short style that is always great for summer.

36. Angled Love

Another great example of an angled bob and this one has a bit of curl to it.

37. The Side Bang

Bangs will always allow you a very different style. Try them out in this side-swept look that is all the rage these days.

38. Short and Choppy

A great short style that has some choppy layers to it. The blonde to is pretty magnificent with this style.

39. Simple and Stylish

This simple layered look is one that you can wear to the office.

40. Very Short Styles

This hairstyle is one that is very short. The back is short to the point where it’s almost shaved and the top is longer. I love the white blonde with this type of style as well.

41. Show the Face

This is the kind of style that keeps the hair out of your face as the layers are styled backed. Show off that beautiful face this summer.

42. Long Part

By doing a deep part you create a lot of volume on one side. It’s a dramatic look that is very popular.

43. Short Bangs

Whimsical bangs are a great way to make a style fun. These layers are shorter than most and they create the volume in the hair.

44. Love Those Curls

If you have curls like these then you probably don’t want to go too short. This is the perfect style for curls because it’s not too short or too long.

45. Long Layers

A great layering that starts off longer. The shortest piece is under the chin. If you are looking for some cool color then try red out.

46. Style Queen

Be the Queen this summer with this gorgeous short style.

47. Rounded Bob

A great bob where the length is curved underneath to give a different type of style. The sky is really the limit for how you can style a bob.

48. Bouncy Styles

A great style that frames the face beautifully. The color sure doesn’t hurt either. It’s a short style that is sure to make you happy.

49. Red Pixie

A great pixie cut that is super short. You are sure to love this style wherever you go this summer.

50. Striking Styles

I love the color that’s involved in this stunning short style.  A pixie cut with some golden blonde, you are sure to love this style.

51. Flattering Styles

How can you not love this beautiful style? There is so much flair and style to it.

52. Styling

These layers are styled back which keeps the hair off the face. It’s a great way to have a completely different look.

53. Celebrity Pixie

This actress loves the pixie cut and has been rocking it for years. It’s a great style that is easy to maintain.

54. Stylish and Classy

Not all bobs have to be edgy, in fact, this one takes the cake for true sophistication.

55. Around the Face

This bob is all about framing the face. If you like a standard bob without any layers then this is the one for you.

56. Great Styles

If you are looking for a great bob, then look no further than this one. There are only a few layers in it but they really compliment the whole look.

57. Blossoming Styles

This style has lots of volume because of the many layers throughout. If you are looking for a short do that is sure to turn heads then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

58. Shaggy Style

A shaggy style will always be a fun look to have because you don’t have to worry about every little hair being in place. This is a great style that is sure to please you.

59. Stylish Cues

You can’t go wrong with this beautiful style, and the color is so in style right now. Add a new style with a burst of color to take off your summer season.

60. Add Some Bangs

If you haven’t tried bangs before then now is your chance. The across the forehead bang has always been in style.

61. Sweet Style

Another great example of a style that is very iconic. Many celebrities in their 40’s are wearing this style because it’s beautiful and fashionable.

62. Sexy and Stylish

Meredith has always been seen as a strong female role model and in this photo, she proves that. If you are looking for a look that is stylish then this is the one for you.

63. Feathered Bob

A great stylish bob that has some very flattering layers to it.

64. Striking Brunette

Who says blondes have all the fun. You will be showing those blondes up with this amazing style.

65. Subtle Styles

A great style doesn’t need to be edgy, you can have a simple style and still rock their world.

66. Lightly Layered

A great style that will look wonderful this summer. It’s light and loose and full of volume.

67. Curly Styles

This style is all about the curls and they look wonderful.

68. Tapered Design

A great style that is closely cropped to the neck. It’s edgy and classy all at the same time. You would be sure to turn some heads with this style.

69. A Great Style

This touslled look is sure to bring smiles at your next event. If you love that bed head look then you are sure to love this style as well. It’s so easy to maintain because it’s not supposed to look “put together.”

70. Highlights

Nothing makes a new style pop more than highlights. They can change an entire style and make it more magnificent.

71. True Beauty

Straight Styles are often very popular for people who don’t like to cut their hair. This is a great look that has a sweeping side bang. Absolutely gorgeous on this Hollywood actress.

72. Brown Designs

A great style that is not too short or too long. There are lots of layers as well as beautiful bangs.

73. Gorgeous Styles

A style that is truly beautiful because of the layers that accentuate her face. They are feathered back and have a bit of curl to them. A beautiful style for the summer season.

74. The Chop Shop

This short style has lots of sharp edges to it. It’s a very choppy look that is sure to please anyone who loves a badass style.

75. Wavy Styles

This is the sort of style that can be worn anywhere. It’s casual yet gorgeous, so you can go to an event or just the beach.

76. Short and Silver

A great style that would look amazing in any color. It’s very short and tapered at the neck and kept longer on top. If you are looking for a short style this summer then you can’t go wrong with this one.

77. Beautiful Colors

Feathering the layers back gives you a free-spirited look and it can take the years off your face as well. If you are looking for a great style then this is the one for you.


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