58 of the Most Stunning Highlights For Brown Hair


Full colors aren’t surprising anymore and when it comes to being a brunette your color can seem dull at times. Many women long for a fresh look, something different that doesn’t require them changing their whole look. By adding highlights, you can keep your natural shade of brown and just spice it up a little. Whether you are looking for chunks or thin highlights you can change your look without a big commitment.

brown hair

brown hair


They update your look and give you a refreshing new style. By adding highlights, you can create depth in your already solid color. Highlights can add glamor and intrigue to a style. Playing with different colors is a great way to find out what you really want. But if you are looking for a sexy new look that can make you feel glamourous then make sure you put your locks in the hands of a professional. Playing with shades can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. When it comes time to go to the salon and choose a color, you are going to need to tell your stylist what you want.

What it Takes to Highlight Brown Hair

What kind of look are you hoping to achieve? Are you looking for something simple and elegant or bold and sexy? Some styles can offer you bright glints, or you can opt for a dramatic ombre look. The sky is the limit for your choices. There is no need to make any big changes if you want a more natural look. Many people enjoy just adding a few highlights while others long for an edgier, dramatic style.

Brown hair can offer a great base for stunning highlights. There are many contrasting hues that can make a style pop such as blonde, reds, purples and even some bronze. A great thing to keep in mind is to choose colors that look great with your skin tone. If you have darker skin, then coppers, reds, and bronze shades would be best for you. For medium toned skins try out intense browns, toffee, and coppers. If you are of the fair-skinned variety then an ash tone, caramel to platinum would be most appropriate.

There are many different amazing shades that you can choose from.

58 of the Most Stunning Brunette Looks with Highlights

  1. Different Shades

What a stunning look that brings many different shaded highlights together to create a wonderful look. There isn’t much left to the base color, however, with so many highlights.

2150916-highlights-for-brown-hair2. Copper Tones

This is a great example of what a copper tone would look like with medium brown hair. It really brightens up the look.


3. Short and Soft

Highlights are great for short styles because they really allow the look to pop. These caramel highlights bring some life to the front of the hair.


4. Bronze Highlights

Bronze is a stunning highlight option. These highlights make for an extraordinary color.


5. Stunning Blonde

This fair-skinned beauty has added blonde to her brown hair, and it really is a bold choice.


6. Bronze Choice

This is another look from the previous bronze look. The highlights are only in the top of the hair.


7. Caramel Joy

The front of her hair is highlighted which is more than enough since she has long locks. It really brightens up the whole style.


8. Blonde Basics

Wanting to keep a subtle look she added just a small amount of blonde highlights.


9. Large Chunks

This is a great example of what chunky highlights look like. If you are looking for a bold look, then try adding some chunks of blonde throughout.


10. Stunning Style

If you want a subtle change, then this is the look for you. There aren’t many highlights, so there isn’t a lot of commitment.


11. Platinum Blonde

Her base is very dark, so it’s unusual for someone to go so light with the highlights, but she was clearly going for a bold choice. It works however if you want a dramatic look, the platinum blonde gives a sharp contrast.


12. Splash of Blonde

These blonde highlights look amazing with her curls.


13. Bold Highlights

Another example of dark hair with light highlights. She’s even added a little red throughout.


14. Soft Caramel

Another example of how soft highlights look great on a brunette.


15. Celebrity Hues

Jessica Biel is a celebrity that knows how to match beautiful highlights together.


16. What a Difference

It’s an obvious difference between the dark and the light highlights.


17. Subtle Highlights

A subtle look without a big change.


18. Few Different Hues

These are beautiful shades that look well together.


19. Caramel Tones

The dark tones really stand out when you add caramel highlights to it.


20. Neutral Tones

These subtle tones really warm up the whole look. It’s an amazing color.


21. Two Tone Colors

The highlights aren’t far from her natural color. It’s a small change that won’t take a big commitment.


22. Sparling Blonde

These blonde highlights really brighten up her entire look.


23. Red Hues

This deep shade is a great choice for a dark base.


24. Bright Shades

These soft highlights open up the whole look.


25. Caramel Touch

These are great highlights that make her look elegant and sexy.


26. The Ombre Look

The ombre look is softening up her whole look. The dark style is elegant with the ombre look.


27. Copper Style

There isn’t a big change to the style. It’s a subtle look.


28. Bronze Design

These bronze highlights are throughout the hair, and it adds a beautiful touch to the whole style.


29. Different Styles

Her medium brown hair is lightened with a few different shades of highlights.


30. Red Tones

The red tones and copper tones really warm up the entire look. It’s an amazing style.


31. Highlighted Bronze

Another example of how well bronze looks against a dark brown base.


32. Neutral Blonde

The dark brown base really makes the blonde pop out.


33. Mid-Ombre

A short look with an ombre style looks great with the two tones.


34. Bright Copper

This look takes a lot of change as most of it is copper while the rest is blonde highlights. A stunning shade together.


35. Caramel Highlight For Brown Hair

Another example of how well caramel goes with brown hair.


36. Dashing Highlights

There aren’t a lot of highlights to this look but just enough to give a different style.


37. All Over Copper

This style has a mess of highlights all over the head which really lightens up the brown.


38. Bold Choices

There are copper highlights shown here but also a lot of red throughout. It’s a stunning shade.


39. A Glowing Look

This shade really adds a lot of warmth to her style. It’s a gorgeous shade that looks amazing on


40. Bouncy Highlights

The curls are such a great look and the caramel highlights look amazing with her medium brown hair. The highlights are throughout the entire head.


41. Small Chunks

Just a few chunks of blonde are highlighted through her hair breaking up the dark base that she has. It’s a nice contrast together.


42. Soft Brown

These soft toffee highlights look incredible against the brown hair. The color is a stunning combination.


43. Combination Color

There are caramel and blonde highlights mixed. The highlights are together against the dark base creating a beautiful contrast.


44. Toffee Color

There is a dark base and the toffee highlights really lighten up the whole style.


45. Lighter Locks

The medium brown hair is lightened quite a bit by the blonde highlights. The hair is significantly lighter on the bottom.


46. Bronze and Red

This stunning brunette has a bold look that combines red and bronze together. These highlights are beautiful together.

48150916-highlights-for-brown-hairAlso See:

47. The Short Look

This short look has very slight caramel highlights throughout. It’s just enough to bring some life to the whole style.


48. Elegant Designs

It’s not a bold look, just elegant and soft. You don’t need a lot of highlights to change your look.


49. Hot Blonde

Her hair is almost black which really makes the platinum blonde highlights stand out. The highlights really stand out in the look; it’s a bold style that you are sure to love. I love big changes, and this one is certainly a great one to have. It goes perfectly with her choice of hair cut.


50. Bronze Beauty

Her chocolate brown hair looks great with the bronze highlights throughout. The colors are beautiful together.


51. Just a Few

She has dark brown hair and the highlights really lighten up her entire look. There are only a few highlights throughout the hair, but they make a stunning effect.


52. Golden Highlights

These toffee highlights are golden. They look stunning against the brown, and you don’t need a lot of them to create a great style.


53. A Ray of Sun

These long locks look amazing with this color. The whole bottom has been lightened, and the effect is just beautiful. It’s another example of how just adding a few highlights can change your whole look.


54. Dark Brown Base

These highlights go really well with the dark brown base. They are subtle, so if you don’t want a big change, then this would be the look for you. You can choose how many highlights you want throughout as well.


55. A Blonde Glow

There are blonde and neutral tones with this style. It looks great together and really opens up the whole look. All the highlights contrast nicely with her medium brown hair.


56. Color of Caramel

This is another example of the color of caramel and how well it looks with the color brown. Depending on how dramatic you want your hair to look, you can choose between a few highlights or an all-over change.


57. Bold and Bright

What a stunning color combination. The base is the darker shade while the girl has a few different highlighted shades. It’s a beautiful look for someone who wants a big change and doesn’t mind the commitment involved. The colors all go well together, creating a stunning display of colors.


58. A Small Change

Then there are the people who don’t want a big change. This look is all about being subtle, and it is a low maintenance look. Overall the color is beautiful and gives just the right amount of color without going overboard.


When it comes to choosing a new hair color you have to decide how much upkeep you want to have to deal with and what kind of change you’re looking for. There are many different options available to you when it comes to choosing highlights for your brunette look. Whether you are looking for a small change or a dramatic one you are sure to find the look you love here. Once you have decided on a color choice, you can book a salon appointment. It’s always best to look for a skilled professional to provide you with highlights because there is a lot of risks involved when you do it yourself.

Choose a color that suits your hairstyle as well as your skin tone. Do you want a few chunks throughout or are you looking for thin, subtle highlights? It’s an important decision because they are very different looks. One will change the way you look in a small way while the other will change it dramatically. It’s also hard determining whether you just want some caramel highlights or if you should throw in some red or purple to give a look a little pop.

Whatever you decide, you will be happy with the change because it’s what you have been looking forward to. There is nothing more fun than going to a stylist to get an update on your style. Bring a friend with you and make the change together, that way the process isn’t as nerve-wrecking especially if it is a big change you’re going after. When you do things together, it’s not as scary and imagine all the fun you will have with your friend as you get to go out and show off that new look.

We hope that you enjoyed the article and found a color that inspires your new look. Please let us know you’re favorite look.


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