75 of The Most Incredible Hairstyles with Caramel Highlights


If you are looking for a new hairstyle that includes caramel highlights, then look no further.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights

Caramel is one of the most delicate hues you could ask for. It’s an enticing color because it really warms up a whole new look. It’s an excellent highlight choice because it can give a great contrast to a darker color. There are many different types of caramel hues; beiges, neutrals and some soft caramels that draw the eye. We also can’t forget hues such as the dark brown sugars and the rich tangerines. Any basic hair color can work with a caramel shade. Highlights such as caramel can make a basic color really pop. Caramel highlights can come in many varieties; they can be subtle highlights or they can be bold and distinct. If you are looking for a true gourmet color then you can’t go wrong with caramel highlights, they are not only an elegant shade but they will make you feel like a Queen. The following caramel highlights will allow you a variety of looks to choose what you love most for your hairstyle.

If you have medium brown hair or even a blonde base, then caramel highlights will offer a soft glow that is sophisticated and exclusive. This is a look that is in high demand in the celebrity world. Having caramel highlights are a flattering look for just about everyone. They can suit any hair type as well as any hair length. Whether you are a blonde or a brunette, caramel highlights will look fantastic on you. Getting simple highlights is a less aggressive way of changing your look. You can change things up without causing massive damage to your hair all in one swoop.

Check out these  72 beautiful caramel highlights to change up your look:

  1. For the Medium Brown

This look has medium brown hair paired with the caramel highlights. It’s a long look that is stunning yet subtle. If you aren’t looking for a big change, then try this style out.

1110916-caramel-highlights2. The Ombre Look

Another medium brown look that takes the popular ombre look to a new level. The top stays dark while the bottom is a warm caramel shade.

2110916-caramel-highlights3. So Much Warmth

This is such a warm look for someone looking for a change. The base is still dark, but there are plenty of caramel highlights to completely warm up the entire look. It’s a stunning coloring.

3110916-caramel-highlights4. A Long Look

This is another example of a long-haired look that has a dark base with caramel highlights throughout.

4110916-caramel-highlights5. Strong Caramel

This is a big change because there are a lot of caramel highlights in the look. You don’t see much of the base color because there are so many highlights. If you want to lighten up your look, try this style out.

5110916-caramel-highlights6. Celebrity Looks

Caramel highlights are a popular look in Hollywood, as you can see with this image. It’s another look that has the base practically disappearing underneath the caramel highlights.

6110916-caramel-highlights7. A Richer Shade

These highlights are a little richer as a shade. They provide more of a contrast against the darker base.

7110916-caramel-highlights8. Multiple Highlights

There are a few different shades of caramel highlights to this look. If you want to add a bit of depth to the overall look then try some soft caramel shades with some richer, deep shades to create this stunning look.

8110916-caramel-highlights9. A Shade of Red

These caramel highlights get a little extra pop when you add a few red highlights in the mix as well. If you want a big change, then try this mix of red and caramel together.

9110916-caramel-highlights10. Lighter Highlights

These caramel highlights are in a neutral tone which really makes them pop against a dark base. They are so light that they almost look blonde, an eye-catching look.

10110916-caramel-highlights11. A Soft Look

Another example of an ombre look. This style is dark on top with different shades of caramel flowing through. It’s a stunning look that is sure to make anyone happy.

11110916-caramel-highlights12. A Sunny Style

From top to bottom this style looks warm and sunny because it gets lighter the closer to the bottom it goes. There are a few different shades that work to give the soft and light look.

12110916-caramel-highlights13. A Splash of Purple

If you are looking for an entirely different look, then try a splash of purple. This style still has the same dark base, but there are caramel highlights throughout as well as the purple.

13110916-caramel-highlights14. A Soft Caramel

You don’t get a warmer look than this one. There is a dark base, but there is a ton of highlights in this style that ultimately lightens and brightens up the whole look.

14110916-caramel-highlights15. Subtle Highlights

This is the kind of style for someone who wants a subtle look. The base remains dark, and there are only a few caramel highlights to mix up the look.

15110916-caramel-highlights16. A Striking Look

There are a few different shades of highlights with this style. There are a few darker shades that look almost burgundy, but you will still find the caramel shade throughout as well.

16110916-caramel-highlights17. Short Styles

This look is a very short style so a lot of highlights won’t always work. The base is dark, and there are only a few caramel highlights to achieve this look.

17110916-caramel-highlights18. A Model Look

This Victoria Secret model knows a good thing when she sees it. She only has a few chunks of caramel highlights throughout. Just enough to give the style a little pop.

18110916-caramel-highlights19. A Complimentary Style

The caramel highlights really work well with the style of hair as it brings it together. The highlights look great with a style that rounds the face.

19110916-caramel-highlights20. Startling Shades

This is a great example of contrasting shades. This look is great because the dark and light contrast well together.

20110916-caramel-highlights21. Deep Highlights

Her base is a very dark brown, almost a black. The caramel highlights are richer with this look, giving a deeper look. They offer a dazzling contrast to her very dark shade.

21110916-caramel-highlights22. Dark Ombre

She has a very dark look, even with the highlighted pieces. You need very long hair to achieve this look. Otherwise, there won’t be as many highlights. The bottom half of her hair really makes the whole look lighter.

22110916-caramel-highlights23. Short and Light

This look is very light. There are so many highlights throughout that it gives the appearance of a full color, but it isn’t because you can still see the base color.

23110916-caramel-highlights24. Just the Bangs

The chocolate brown hair looks incredible with the highlights in the bangs. There are a few other pieces throughout but not many. The highlights in the bangs really make the look stand out.

24110916-caramel-highlights25. An Ombre Curl

Another example of the ombre look, this one really compliments a curly style.

25110916-caramel-highlights26. Rich Tangerines

The highlights in this style are not far off from the base color.

26110916-caramel-highlights27. Bold Highlights

This color combination is gorgeous. There are many lights and darks with the style, but they all go so well together. If you are looking for bold highlights, then try this style out.

27110916-caramel-highlights28. Shimmery Highlights

The rich colors in this image are amazing. If you want to keep your base color as the dominant color then just add a few caramel highlights throughout.

28110916-caramel-highlights29. Lightened Locks

This style is made up of a lot of caramel highlights that go from top to bottom.
29110916-caramel-highlights30. Just the Tips

This short style has just the tips of the hair highlighted in a caramel shade. It’s not a dramatic look so anyone can pull it off.

30110916-caramel-highlights31. All Over Caramel

This is pretty close to an all over color without the commitment. The caramel highlights are in bigger chunks throughout, achieving a very different look.

31110916-caramel-highlights32. Colorful Highlights

Not only are there deep caramel highlights throughout the hair but there are many other different colors as well. It’s a bright look for anyone looking for something creative.

32110916-caramel-highlights33. Blonde Ombre

If you love the ombre look, then you are sure to love this style. You get the best of being a brunette and a blonde all at once. The hair starts off dark and goes into a caramel shade and ends with blonde tips. Beautiful!

33110916-caramel-highlights34. Sparkling Red

This is a different look that incorporates a dark base, caramel highlights, and deep red coloring all together.

34110916-caramel-highlights35. Just a Few

She loves her dark hair but still wants to sport a few highlights to break up the dark.

35110916-caramel-highlights36. A Sweeping Style

Her black hair is broken up by some dark brown sugar highlights; it’s one of the deepest caramel options out there.

36110916-caramel-highlights37. Lighter Shades

She has a mix of light brown hair and blonde hair. Add in a few caramel highlights and you have this magnificent style.

37110916-caramel-highlights38. Just a Few Pieces

By placing dark brown sugar highlights throughout the hair, you get some depth to the overall look.

38110916-caramel-highlights39. The Warmer Side

This look is warm all over. You can’t go wrong if you want to spice up your brunette look.

39110916-caramel-highlights40. Deeper Shades

These deep highlights are sure to make any girl happy. The combination of the colors together really make this style pop.

40110916-caramel-highlights41. More Than Ombre

This ombre look starts off high on the head. There isn’t much of the base that shows but the contrast between the two is a great overall look.

41110916-caramel-highlights42. Long and Soft

This style is another example of how great caramel highlights can make your natural color look.

42110916-caramel-highlights43. A Great Contrast

Another example of how bold highlights can achieve an original look. This style is beautiful because it has so many versions of caramel that blend so well together.

43110916-caramel-highlights44. The Tangerine Style

This tangerine look is another example of how you can achieve great highlights that brighten up your natural shade.

44110916-caramel-highlights45. A Red Style

There is a lot of red in this color whether it’s in the natural hair color or added in as highlights. The splashes of caramel bring out the whole look.

45110916-caramel-highlights46. A Sugary Style

This deep brown sugar look warms up the style so much. What a beautiful coloring for someone looking for a bright new change.

46110916-caramel-highlights47. Light Brown

This light brown hair coloring is brightened up even more with the caramel highlights.

47110916-caramel-highlights48. Stark Contrast

This startling contrast is created by adding soft neutral caramel tones to a dark base. If you are looking for a dramatic and sexy style, then this is the one for you.

48110916-caramel-highlights49. Soft Ombre

This ombre look is a subtle one, not a big change at all.

49110916-caramel-highlights50. A Rocking Style

This hairstyle is a real rockstar look. There are many different colored highlights involved in this style to create something that is not only sexy but original.

50110916-caramel-highlights51. Celebrity Styles

Another celebrity that loves the caramel look, these highlights really bring some color to her face.

51110916-caramel-highlights52. Chunks

These caramel highlights are done in chunks. There are a few different shades to give you a great style.

52110916-caramel-highlights53. A Lengthy Look

A soft look created with minimal highlights that look incredible with a long-haired style.

53110916-caramel-highlights54. Light Brown Sugar

This soft style is created with caramel highlights of the light brown sugar variety. This is a stunning look for someone looking to add nice highlights.

54110916-caramel-highlights55. A Bold Style

She brightens up her look by just adding a few caramel pieces throughout the front of her hair.

55110916-caramel-highlights56. Different Shades

The style here is original because it incorporates a lot of different colors which is hard to copy. This style had just about every shade of caramel from the beiges to the dark brown sugar. Stunning!

56110916-caramel-highlights57. A Copycat

This stunning style is creating by adding deep caramel highlights to an already dark base.

57110916-caramel-highlights58. Cascading Curls

There is one thing about curls, and it’s that they always look great on curled hair.

58110916-caramel-highlights59. Just the Front

This style has the highlights for the most part in the front with a few going into the back. It brightens up her entire face.

59110916-caramel-highlights60. A Before and After

This before and after style shows the dramatic change that occurs by just adding a few highlights. It’s not even a major color change, and yet the difference between the two is striking in comparison.

60110916-caramel-highlights61. Sweeping Chunks

These sweeping chunky highlights are stunning, to say the least. If you want a bold and attractive look, then go no further than this one. There are many different neutral caramel shades as well as deeper sugar shades.

61110916-caramel-highlights62. Why We Love Sugar

This brown sugar look is gorgeous! The deep highlights look amazing against the chocolate brown base that she has. The blending of highlights goes great together.

62110916-caramel-highlights63. Create Waves

This wavy style is made better through the addition of highlights. There are so many beautiful shades to this style that really lightens up the whole look.

63110916-caramel-highlights64. Neutral Tones

These neutral tones are the best way to break up the monotony of a dark natural hair color if you are looking for a change, but one that gives a natural look then try out these caramel highlights.

65110916-caramel-highlights65. Sticking to Brown

Being a brunette is still just as much fun as being a blonde. This style proves that! If you want to stay close to your natural look, then try adding highlights that are just a shade lighter.

66110916-caramel-highlights66. Swirling Curls

I love the look of curls, and this style has some amazing ones. The base color is dark, and there are brown sugar highlights throughout, making the curls really pop.

67110916-caramel-highlights67. Dramatic Highlights

The base is black or very dark brown while the highlights are a beautiful light brown sugar color. The contrast between the two is very appealing.

68110916-caramel-highlights68. A Choppy Style

Choppy hairstyles are always great for highlights. The edginess of the style always brings out the look of highlights improving the overall look completely.

69110916-caramel-highlights69. Dark Chocolate Brown

This chocolate brown look is stunning with the addition of soft caramel highlights.

70110916-caramel-highlights70. Bold and Beautiful

Another example of bold highlights that uses a variety of caramel shades. This style is beautiful if you want something that is sure to draw the eye.

71110916-caramel-highlights71. Ombre in Caramel

Another example of the ombre look using caramel highlights. You can’t go wrong with this popular style.

72110916-caramel-highlights72. A Caramel Braid

This braided look is amazing with all the caramel highlights. This style is another example of all the different colors that caramel highlights can offer you.

73110916-caramel-highlightsCaramel highlights are a wonderful style choice. There are many different options available to you. They can offer you a subtle, soft look if you want something elegant and low maintenance. If you are looking for a little more drama perhaps then no fear, you can try out one of the bolder choices. Either way, you are sure to love caramel highlights and once you dive in you will never go back to a standard color again. There is nothing more beautiful than the color caramel, and it’s sure to brighten up your natural shade.

We hope you enjoyed the article and found a color choice to take with you to your next salon appointment. Let us know your favorite styles!


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