116 Sweet Little Boy Haircuts To Try This Year


If you are looking for a fresh new look for your little guy, then you have come to the right place. We have everything that you need to find a great look for your favorite boy.  As your little guy gets older, they start to develop their own personality. Their hairstyle should show off their own personality. There are a ton of great haircuts available for little boys, so you should be able to find something that you like. Whether you are interested I short crew cuts or messy mops; you will find a style that both you and your boy will love.

Little Boy Haircuts

Little Boy Haircuts

Little Boy Haircuts

Little Boy Haircuts

Check out these 116 Sweet Little Boy Haircuts To Try This Year:

  1. Flipped Styles

A great style that is crisp and clean cut. Your boy is sure to feel like one cool dude.


2. Shaggy Styles

If you like a style that is long and loose, then why not try this cute style.

3. Simple Styles

A simple style like this is easy to style on a daily basis.

4. Longer Looks

This is a very fresh look, one that has a designed shave on the sides and the rest is long. You can do a lot with long styles.

5. Faux Hawk Styles

Faux hawks are always fun styles to try on your kids.

6. Sleek Styles

A great style like this is short and trendy. Your child is sure to love such a cool style as this.

7. Short Looks

If you want a low-maintenance style that is easy to put together in the morning, then this is the style for you.

8. Spikey Styles

A cool style like this can be styled in many different ways. The spikey look is a great style for any kid.

9. Slick Style

This fade is truly unique and it’s not a style that would be hard to style.

10. Long and Flipped

A style like this is short on the sides and long on top. We love the longer part (swept off to the side). It’s a very cool style that you are sure to love.

11. Simple Styles

A simple look for someone that wants to keep her son’s hair just a little bit longer.

12. Cute Styles

This is a really adorable style that you are sure to love for your son.

13. Flipped Front

Another short style that has the front flipped upwards.

14. Short and Sweet

Another great style that is short and easy to put together. This style is so sweet that your son will love it as well.

15. Trendy Styles

A popular style that is going to make your guy feel super cool wherever he goes.

16. Mohawk Styles

If you are looking for something that is super edgy for your little guy, then this is the style for you. The sides are quite short and the top is tall and proud.

17. Short and Stylish

If you want a style that is simple and uncomplicated, then this is the style for your child.

18. Cool Designs

How could your son not feel cool with a style like this? It’s a great way to get your child interested in trendy and popular style.

19. Bold Styles

This is a very unusual and edgy style. He’s sure to get a lot of attention with this style. This style is popular in China and the idea is to grow the hair long in that one area and have a front ponytail.

20. Bowl Cut

This cute bowl cut has never gone out of style.

21. Shaved Part

Your boy is sure to love this trendy style. The shaved part really makes the whole style stand out.

22. Messy Looks

This style is so easy to manage you will wonder why you didn’t leave your kids hair longer before. Try it out and you will see just how fun this style is.

23. Cool Guy Styles

How could your child not feel cool with this fun style? We get to see it from various angles here and it’s clearly a great look.

24. Spiked Styles

This cute look is all about the spikes. How cute does this little boy look?

25. Trendy Locks

A cool look like this is going to have all the little girls swooning. This cool guy has a totally trendy hairstyle.

26. The Cool Guy

A great style that is curly and totally messy. If messy is your child’s style, then this is the look for you.

27. The Casual Look

This hairstyle has not fuss. It’s simple and can be styled in many different ways.

28. Cool Elements

Another longer look that is casual and cool.

29. Shorter Styling

A cool look that is longer on the sides just like the top. It’s a very popular style right now.

30. Simple and Short

How could you not love this cute style? It’s short and it will only take moments to style in the morning.

31. Fresh Looks

This little boy has a totally fresh look and one that your son is sure to love.

32. Great Styles

A great look that is clean and polished. Let your son be the cool kid in class.

33. Side Swept

A great look that is styled off to the side. It’s long on top and short on the sides.

34. Natural Curls

If your child has natural curls, then embrace them. It’s a short look that is so cute.

35. Bold Curls

How cute is this boy’s head of curls? Adorable and a style that is about as simple as it gets.

36. Spikey Top

Another cool spiked style that you are sure to love.

37. Crisp Lines

This style is totally crisp and clean. The lines around the face and the part are clean totally polished. This look is about as fresh as it gets.

38. Clean Cut Styles

Another style that is totally clean and it’s very short.

39. Fresh Styling

This look is fresh and styled off to the side. It’s flipped up and looking pretty cool.

40. Short and Fresh

Another style that is very short and spiked on top.

41. Cool Mohawk

This style is short and there is just enough on top to create a faux hawk. It’s one of the simplest styles that you can create.

42. Flat Styles

The style here is longer on top, but it’s styled in a very different way from the rest. It’s flat on the head and styled off to the side.

43. Sweet Looks

A great look for a little boy because it’s really cute.

44. Cool Vibes

If you want a simple style that also looks cool, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

45. Cute Vibes

This little boy looks absolutely adorable in this side-swept style.

46. Classic Looks

This classic look is one that you are going to want to try out this year.

47. Soft and Fresh

A style like this looks cool and it’s also a low-maintenance style.

48. Crisp Edges

If your kid’s fashion is always on point, then he probably wants a fresh style like this one. All the lines are very crisp and edgy. The shaved part is perfection and the whole look really stands out.

49. Classy Looks

This kid looks like he’s ready for the Ivy Leagues with this hairstyle.

50. Faded Looks

Having a fade is one of the most popular styles your child can have.

51. Crisp Fade

Another fashionable style that you are sure to love.

52. High Top Styles

A style like this is made with thick hair and it stands high on top thanks to some product. The sides are short and the top is cool.

53. Shaved Designs

You can literally shave anything into the sides of your head. These are just jagged lines and they look very cool. Your child is sure to love an edgy style like this one.

54. Slicked Looks

It looks like a lot of product is holding this style together.

55. Faded Mohawk 

There is a fade on the side and the top is thick. Thick hair is perfect for a mohawk because it will be easier to style it high on top.

56. Edgy Looks

Maybe your child has a bolder personality and likes edgier hairstyles. If that’s the case, then this is a cool style to try out this year.

57. Polished Styling

If you like a polished look, then this is the one for you.

58. Faded Looks

Another great fade that has a spikey top.

59. Full Shave

This hairstyle is an all one length shave with sharp edges.

60. Edgy Colors

A cool style that has some edgier colors and designs.

61. Circular Styles

This casual look has all the style that you need.

62. Teal Spikes

A stunning mohawk that has some bright colors.

63. Fresh Curls

This adorable look is fresh and natural.

64. Cool and Faded

Fades are all the rage these days and this one is a great one.

65. Cool and Short

Another cool look that your child is sure to love.

66. Trendy and Polished

A trendy style that is a classic look.

67. Bright Colors

Summer is a great time to add some colors to the hair. School is out and it’s time to shine.

68. Clean and Polished

This stylish little boy is looking for a clean look that is uber trendy.

69. Fresh Points

This long hairstyle is styled forward into a flip style.

70. Cool Curls

Cool curls always look good and he has a fresh style all cleaned up.

71. Bright Curls

A style like this is exactly what your little boy is looking for.

72. Spikey and Stylish

If your child has thick hair, then this is a great indication of what his hair would look like with a faux hawk.

73. High Style

This kid is clearly only interested in having super high styles here.

74. Soft and Clean

This is a sweet style that you are sure to love on your little boy.

75. Casual Styling

A simple style like this is all you need if you want a casual style.

76. Messy and Cool

A great look like this is trendy and messy.

77. Side Styling

A cool look like this is going to have your kid feeling awesome wherever he goes.

78. Bold Bowls

This style is a straight cut and there is no room for error.

79. Gentlemanly Look

Doesn’t he look like a little gentleman with this style? He’s so cute!

80. Sharp and Stunning

A style like this is truly unique and cool.

81. Simple and Fashionable

A very simple and clean look that will be so easy to put together in the morning.

82. Tossed Look

Another messy look that is still pretty cool.

83. A Little Attitude

Attitude and edge make this style perfect.

84. Spiked High 

Another great look that is not only super cute but it is styled high on top.

85. An Awesome Look

If you like a longer style, then this is a look that is messy and very casual.

86. Smiling Style

This boy already knows that he has an amazing style.

87. Straight Lines

An awesome style that has a shaved edge on the side. It’s just a straight line, but it creates an edgy style.

88. Preppy Style

A trendy look that is shorter on the sides and just a bit longer on top.

89. Classically Cute

A short style that is also a classic one.

90. Standard Looks

Styles like these are pretty standard and you really don’t have to worry about styling them.

91. Trend and Long

Another longer style that is exactly what you are looking for.

92. Clean Cut Styling

A clean-cut look that is also easy to manage.

93. Sweet Faux Hawks

A great style that is just as adorable as it is stylish.

94. Simple and Cute

if all you want is a simple style, then try this one on for size.

95. Faded Glory

Another great faded style that is edgy and cool.

96. Styles With Bangs

A longer style that is layered and the part creates a bang on one side.

97. Fashionable and Cool

A style like this is so popular and long. The style is long, to begin with, and it can be styled in many different ways. In this case, the hair is standing up super high on top.

98. Bold and Unique

Another preppy style that you are sure to love on your little man.

99. Buzz Cut Style

This style is quite short and buzzed all at the same length. Even though it’s a buzz cut, it’s still a polished style. There is a mini mohawk here that is totally cool.

100. Long Bang

A cool style that is longer on one side than the other.

101. Buzzed Mohawks

A cool new look is exactly what your child needs this year and this mohawk is an edgy style.

102. New and Cool Looks

The style is not shaved on the sides, it’s longer than most styles. It’s longer on top and styled in spikes.

103. Flipped Looks

An adorable style that is long and flipped up on the sides.

104. Stylish Designs

A simple style that has a long top that is styled off to the side.

105. Fashionable and Stylishly Cool

This sweeping style that is super short on one side and stylishly long on another.

106. Blonde Spikes

A faux hawk style like this is exactly what you are looking for.

107. Surfers Style

This is the perfect beach bum style that you are sure to love. It’s casual and wonderful.

108. Polished and Slick

You don’t get much more polished than this style and the shaved part really makes it all stand out. It’s slicked down with some serious product, but it’s certainly fashionable.

109. Shaved Looks

A mohawk style that is truly unique. If you don’t mind your child having an edgy style, then this is the one for you.

110. Side Bangs

A buzz cut style that has the long hair in the front styled off to the side.

111. Adorable Locks

A simple and yet adorable style that requires no styling.  You don’t need to buzz cut your kids hair to have a manageable style. This one is cool and well put together. Styling it every morning would be easy.

112. Bold and Curly

Messy curls are just about the cutest style that you can have. If your child has natural curls, then embrace them and go with the flow.

113. Slicked Sides

A very bold and extreme style that is flattened onto the head. You obviously will need some gel to make it stay off to the side as it does.

114. Amazing Looks

A great style that stands tall on top and is short on the side. The shaved design is totally edgy and cool. Styles like this are always going to be fashionable and popular, so you don’t have to worry about that.

115. Braided Styles

A short style like this is very eye-catching and wonderful. The braids on top are tight and designed in a unique manner. The shaved edges are styled in a square way and it creates a very edgy style overall.

116. Multiple Styles

This is the same look that can be styled in many different ways. Depending on the day that you want this specific style can be put in so many different ways. These four pictures show a unique style that will make your child feel super cool.


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