82 Dignified Long Hairstyles for Men


If you love long hair and are looking for some new ways of styling it, then you have come to the right place. Long hair is a sign of health and vitality so why would you ever we want to hide it away. If you probably take care of your long locks. It can provide you with a sexy and cool look. There are so many styles out there that can be flattering and which are very popular right now. Having a cool hairstyle to rock out will only take you a couple of minutes to put together every morning.

Check out these 82 Dignified Long Hairstyles for Men:

  1. The Viking Look

This is the kind of look that will have women chasing you. It speaks of strength and a little badassery.


2. Medium Lengths

You don’t have to have a full, long style to appreciate longer hair. This Game of Throne cast member knows how to pull off a cool look.

3. Messy Styles

The great thing about messy hair is that it isn’t about having a clean-cut and polished style.

4. Sexy Styles

Maybe you’re an artist or just want to look like one. This sexy style is sure to draw the eye.

5. Cool Styles

Another great look that you are sure to love.

6. Wavy Styles

If your hair is naturally wavy, then you can’t go wrong with a look like this.

7. Man Bun

Obviously, the man bun is a hugely popular style right now.

8. Cool Vibes

Long hair doesn’t have to mean an unpolished look.

9. Longer Styles

The “Jesus” style is one that is very popular. It’s usually parted in the middle and left loose and messy.

10. Clean Looks

This is a style that can be made more polished for an event or just a day at work. Long hair doesn’t have to be messy if you prefer a cleaner look.

11. Badass Style

Seriously, you will feel like the most powerful man around with a style like this.

12. Aqua Man

He is considered to be one of the sexiest men in Hollywood so feel free to copy his signature look.

13. Mohawk Styles

Why not have the benefits of short and long hair together. This mohawk style is very trendy and it looks super cool.

14. Medium Length

A medium length look that can be styled in many different ways.

15. Foxy Styles

These styles are cool cause they can be left down or pulled back into a ponytail or man bun.

16. Celebrity Style

Tom Cruise looks good with short or long hair. You can’t go wrong following his Hollywood style.

17. Side Styles

The side is shaved and you can show it off by styling your hair to the side like in this photo, or you can pull it all down and hide it.

18. Top Styles

All the biggest male stars in Hollywood have all had long hair at one time or another in their career. If Brad Pitt can pull it off, then so can you.

19. Bun Looks

This mohawk style is very cool and we love the backward braid in the back. There are so many cool elements to this style.

20. Shorter Vibes

Another example of a shorter style that you can rock out this year.

21. Rock Star Style

A great look that you can wear anywhere.

22. Partial Updo

If you are looking for a trendy and polished style for an event, then try this style out.

23. Cool Looks

Harry Styles is rocking out the rock star hair at a red carpet event.

24. Natural Styles

This is a very natural look and one that you can wear anywhere.

25. Messy Looks

This style goes well with a full beard. You will feel at your most natural with a style like this.

26. Casual Looks

This casual look is sure to draw the eye to you.

27. Red Carpet Styles

You can leave your hair loose for events and still steal the show.

28. Simple Buns

A great style that is both casual and awesome.

29. Amazing Styles

If you are looking for a style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go, then you found it here. A sexy style that is simple to put together.

30. Curly Styles

Some men will cut off their curls while others embrace it like in this style.

31. The Male Bob

Johnny Depp has been rocking the messy long hair style for a long time now.

32. Dreadlocks

If you are looking for an edgier style, then why not try out dreadlocks.

33. Polished Looks

This is a great look that you can clean up for a day at the office.

34. God-like Styles

Jared Leto is a huge fan of this style as was evidenced at the Met Gala this year.

35. Trendy Looks

These loose styles are very polished right now.

36. Side Sweep

If you want a style that is a little more dramatic, try a side sweep with a close shave.

37. Shaved Sides

This style has been popular for quite some time. It allows you to have a bit of edge to your long style.

38. Hollywood Style

Another example of Depp’s rock star style.

39. Shaved Look

You can shave the back like in this style and show it off whenever you want.

40. Messy Waves

A style that is loose and messy is great for those summer months.

41. Thor Style

Who wouldn’t want to have Thor’s badass style?

42. Fashionable Looks

If you want a stylish look, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

43. Braided Styles

You will look like a true Viking with a style like this.

44. Lighter Looks

Sometimes all you need is some highlights to completely change up your look.

45. Long Styles

This is a very long style and to have hair this long requires you to take very good care of your hair.

46. Fresh Styles

Beards always look great with these styles.

47. Thick Styles

If you have thick hair, then this is likely what it will look like long.

48. Edgy Styles

If you want a bold and edgy style, then this is it.

49. Bold Curls

If you have a mess of curls, then why not just embrace them.

50. Softer Styles

Another example of how you can polish up a long look.

51. Braided Styling

If you have an event coming up, then you might as well make a big impression.

52. Clean Styling

If you need a more polished style for work, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

53. Side Part

Parting your hair to the side can give you a completely different look.

54. Add Bangs

With longer styles, it gives you the opportunity to have bangs.

55. Fresh Curls

This guy is totally letting his curls have control.

56. Below The Shoulders

A great look like this is simple and easy.

57. Messy and Casual

This is a very casual style that you don’t have to worry about.

58. Hot Looks

Another great look for thick hair.

59. Polished Bun 

It’s possible to dress up your long hair when you need to.

60. Tight Curls

The longer your hair is, the longer the curls will be.

61. Cool Styling

This is a very popular look these days and one that isn’t as long as the rest.

62. Concert Styles

If you are going camping or heading to a concert, then this is a casual look that’s perfect for it.

63. Cool Shaving

Another shaved style that would be great for summer.

64. Braided Top

The top braid is a very fashionable style right now.

65. Polished Bun Styles

This is a great example of how you can dress up your long hair for a wedding or formal event.

66. Blonde Styles

Box braids are a great way to protect your long hair for a few months. You can also have blonde extensions weaved through like in this style to provide a more dramatic look.

67. Rock Star Styling

Another cool look that is sure to draw the eye this summer.

68. Slick Styles

Brad Pitt is wearing his hairstyle slicked back in an awesome look that is great for events.

69. Tight Braids

This style is very protective for your hair plus it will give you that edgy vibe all summer long.

70. Hot Colors

Sometimes the best way to change up your style is to add a little color.

71. High Ponytail

A great look that is loose and fashionable.

72. Sleek Looks

A stylish look that is styled off to the side.

73. Afro Styles

Embrace your afro, it’s one of the most iconic hairstyles that you can try out this year.

74. Simple Styles

David Beckham is an icon when it comes to his hairstyles over the years; he’s certainly someone you can follow for style ideas.

75. Partial Styles

Another great partial style.

76. Flirty Styles

Styles like these were made popular by Zac Efron and Justin Bieber.

77. Cool Shaved Designs

This is a very cool style that is eye-catching.

78. Stylish Vibes

This sexy style is very popular right now.

79. Classic Looks

A very simple style that you can wear anywhere.

80. Complete Styles

This look would be really easy to style in the morning.

81. Classic Beard

Wow, the crowd with this style this summer.

82. Sexy Looks

Another sexy look that will get you a lot of attention this year.


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