85 Trendy Low Buns For This Season


Buns are one of the most popular styles in the world. You can wear them so many different ways. If you are looking for an elegant style that you can wear to work and events, then you can’t go wrong with a low bun. They are one of the more popular looks for weddings and other formal events. They are polished and sophisticated, a go-to style that you will love. Low buns are very versatile looks because they sit just at the nape of the neck. You will feel glamorous at your next event with styles like these. They are very popular on the red carpet with stars such as Selena Gomez.

Low buns are a trendy style that you can even rock out when you are cramming for an exam and pressed for time. There are many different ways of wearing the style. The low bun has been upgraded to include other elements such as braids and a whole lot of messy designs.

Check out these 85 Trendy Low Buns For This Season:

  1. Celebrity Style

Selena Gomez looks elegant in this braided low bun style. This is a great look that you can wear to your next event.

2. Twisty Style

This twisty low bun is a little looser than most styles. If you want something that isn’t so polished, then this is the look for you.

3. Gorgeous Color

Not only is this low bun unique but the colors are rather extraordinary.

4. Wedding Styles

This polished bun can be worn for any formal event. It’s a style that is sure to make your day a hit.

5. Messy Styles

Even messy styles can be worn to a formal event.

6. Loose Braids

These type of style are becoming increasingly popular. A stunning loose braid is a great way to upgrade your low bun.

7. Wavy Styles

Waves will provide your style with more volume. It will also give you a very different look.

8. Twisty Buns

A twisty ponytail is what created this amazing low bun. Buns are really a very versatile style that can be worn anywhere.

9. Braided Styles

An elegant style that is very polished. This would be a great look for an event.

10. Stylish Looks

This is one look that is all about class and elegance. We love it and you will too at your next event.

11. Creative Styles

A great style that is truly creative. With buns, you have a lot of room to create unique looks. This is the kind of style that people talk about long after the event is over.

12. Stunning Buns

A gorgeous style that is sure to make you the talk of your next event. We love the blonde coloring as well. Why not try out a new color as well.

13. Glorious Looks

This low bun is a show-stopping style. You won’t find one that is more glamorous than this one. We would recommend taking this style to the salon to make sure that your look is perfect for your event.

14. Braided Buns

A simple addition of a braid can completely change up your look. Braids are growing more popular these days and it wouldn’t hurt to add it to your next style.

15. Intricate Designs

Another stunning look that is truly creative. This is yet another example of how you can have a classy low bun.

16. Spiral Styles

A great style is a must when it comes to an event. This spiral bun is truly beautiful and it’s not one that we see a lot of. You could create an original design that will steal the show.

17. Side Low Bun

A great style that has a remarkable side bun. Lauren knows style so follow her trends.


18. Multi-colored Bun

A great style that is wonderfully designed. The two tones are great for this kind of style.

19. Multiple Styles

A great style that can be polished or messy, it all depends on the look you’re going for. What style are you looking for?

20. Braid and a Bun

This stunning bun is going to turn heads wherever you go. We love that Nicole Kidman rocked out this amazing style.

21. Braided Crown

A great style that has a crowning braid that ends in the low bun.

22. Wedding Styles

An elegant and unique style that will make you look incredible for your big day.

23. Simple Bun

A great style that is simple and could be easily taken care of at home. These messy styles are always going to popular.

24. Twisty Looks

A great style that is really easy to achieve. This twisty ponytail can easily be turned into a low bun. Follow the steps and get your own amazing style.

25. Multiple Buns

A great style that is elegant and classy. There are multiple buns that really give you a very different look.

26. Messy Curls

Messy buns are so popular right now. They can provide you with a romantic style that would look wonderful at your next event.

27. Simple Buns

A great style that is really simple to achieve.

28. A Simple Braid

A messy braid goes great with this messy bun style.

29. Glamorous Styles

A style as stunning as this one has to be shown off. It’s a beautiful style that you must try at your next event.

30. Braided Designs

A braid is a great way to take your low bun to the next level.

31. Style Choices

We are loving these simple low buns because they can be worn anywhere.

32. Tiny Bun

A small bun that is simple and can be worn to classes or to work.

33. Classy Looks

The great thing about buns is that they are automatically considered to be an elegant and classy style.

34. Casual Styles

If you are looking for a style that would be great for a day at the beach or even just running errands than this is the perfect style for you.

35. Add Some Accessories

This low bun is already pretty glamourous but adding some sparkly accessories can take it to a whole new level.

36. Simple and Casual

Styles such as these ones are easy to whip up. It can be done in the comfort of your own home.

37. Curly Styles

Curl your hair before you put it in a bun and you will create a whole new look.

38. Bold Styles

This would be an amazing look for your next event. We also love the jeweled crown.

39. Simple Steps

If you are looking for a low bun that will have people talking all night, then follow these eight steps for a truly gorgeous style.

40. Sophisticated Styles

There is a lot of sophistication and grace with this style. You can’t go wrong with a great look like this one.

41. Messy Styling

Messy buns can be worn to fancy events or low-key parties.

42. Thick Styles

This is a really great low bun style for women who have thick hair.

43. Wrap It With Hair

Who needs a hair tie when you can use your own hair to create a stunning look as this one.

44. Formal Styles

If you are looking for a style for your next formal, then you must try this one out. Prom season is right around the corner.

45. Follow the Steps

All you have to do is follow these nine steps to have a low bun that will be the talk of the night.

46. Glossy Styles

A remarkable style that won’t take any time at all to create.

47. A Style to Remember

There is a lot of loose tresses that make this style insanely beautiful.

48. Unique Buns

This gorgeous bun is created using different strands.

49. Small Buns

These small buns are really sweet looking. There are many ways of achieving the style.

50. Short Buns

If you only have two minutes to get ready for the day then try out these steps to create a braid that you can be proud of.

51. Pretty Styles

A great style that is simple and pretty.

52. Loose Tresses

A great style that is very messy. We love all the loose tresses.

53. Box Braids

A stunning box braid style that will also provide you with a lot of protection for your hair.

54. Straight Styles

A great style that you can create with straight hair.

55. Polished Buns

A great style that will be completely show-stopping. This bun is polished and with the accessories, you are sure to blow everyone away.

56. Twisty and Beautiful

A messy style that is twisty and fantastic.

57. A Great Style

A twelve-step style that is going to blow away the competition.

58. Black Ribbon

A gorgeous low bun style that is completed with a black ribbon.

59. Lovely Looks

A pretty style that is sure to make you fall in love.

60. Great and Wonderful

Messy styles are growing more popular than ever.

61. Shiny Styles

This style can be worn anywhere whether it’s a formal event or a casual one.

62. Celebrity Style

Blake Lively knows how to pull off a glamorous style and with this polished bun you could take over the world.

63. Fishtail Style

A braid is all you need to make your bun look amazing.

64. Unique Style

We love everything about this simple low bun. Halle Berry looks like a fox in it.

65. Very Low Style

This hairstyle is a little more unique. The bun is longer and is lower on the neck.

66. Tie It Up

This low bun looks as if it’s literally been tied up in the back.

67. Large Twists

A great style that is going to turn heads wherever you go. We love the large twist on one side that ends in a bun.

68. Dark and Messy

We love a good dark shade, but this messy bun is really beautiful.

69. Bold Braids

These styles with the loose braids on the sides are becoming increasingly popular. How can you not love a style as gorgeous as this one?

70. A Partial Style

This style has hair left down as well as hair pulled back into the bun. If you are a fan of the messy styles, then you must try this one out.

71. Low and Messy

Just the bun, in this case, is messy, the rest of the style is relatively pulled together.

72. Messy Twirl

Another example of a really low bun that is very messy. You can still wear these messy styles to formals because they are a popular choice.

73. Blonde Braid

A stunning braid that is created to uplevel this low bun. We love these gorgeous styles they are so beautiful.

74. Bold and Beautiful

A great style that is so sweet and simple. A braided bun is a simple as it gets.

75. Messy Curls

We love these stunning looks because the curls just make the look so much classier.

76. Small Buns

These box braids are really tight to the head. There is a creative style to it and it ends in small buns.

77. A Twist Braid

A beautiful style that is one for the books. You couldn’t ask for a better style than this one.

78. A Great and Messy Style

Messy styles like this one can be worn on the beach days this summer. They make for easy styles that can be created in seconds.

79. Simple and Beautiful

This style is very simple and all it takes is ten steps to complete the look.

80. Double Braids

The only thing better than one braid is two braids. These styles are absolutely gorgeous.

81. Natural Elements

A unique style that is made better because of the accessories. We love these simple looks.

82. Beautiful Formal Styles

A style like this one would be perfect for the prom or any other formal event. If you follow these simple steps, you can also take a style to the next level.

83. Tight Braids

Two tight braids that really make this style magical. We love the polished look to this low bun.

84. Practical Styles 

If you want a style that is practical but still elegant, then follow these steps to create an original look.

85. Classic Looks

If you are a girl that loves the classic designs, then you are sure to love this elegant low bun.


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