72 Stylish Neymar Haircut to Sport This Year


You may not be aware of the fact that Neymar is one of the most expensive footballers in all of Europe. There are many people who love this guy’s sense of style too. You might be shocked to hear that this guy’s transfer rate is a stunning $268 million and he’s not kidding around. This Brazilian footballer is not only a serious talent in his profession, but he’s also part of a high style. Men everywhere love his hairstyles and they are popular when it comes to style choices.
He’s had many different hairstyles over the years and they are all beloved by his fans. There are many men out there that like to mimic his styles. If you are looking for a new hairstyle this year, then we have many choices here for you. Check out these 72 Stylish Neymar Haircuts to Sport This Year:

  1. Funky Mohawk

His Mohawk is a little more funkier than most, but if you want an edgy style, then this is the one for you.

2. Blonde Coloring

Another example of the Mohawk style and this one is dyed blonde. He shaved the sides as well and dyed them blonde.

3. Spiky Styles

This Mohawk is spiky and looser than the others. He has kept his natural hair color with this style.

4. Sleek Styles

A great style that is like a mohawk but the hair is all pushed forward. The sides are shaved allowing for the Mohawk to stand alone.

5. Curly Styles

A great style that is full of natural curls. He is obviously a big fan of the Mohawk style.


6. Colored Mohawk

There are many ways that you can wear a mohawk and in this style it’s color and he has a rat tail. The rat tails are braided.

7. Side Style

Yet another mohawk style that has the hair unstyled and just pushed to the side.

8. Sleek Styles

A long style that is slicked back with product.

9. Short Styles

If you’re not really into Neymar’s Mohawk styles, then this one might be more up your lane. It’s polished ion a stylish manner that you can wear to work.

10. Bold Choices

The sides are shaved to the scalp with this mohawk style.

11. Icy Tips

Neymar’s mohawks are always different and they are pretty cool styles if you’re looking for an edge.

12. Pointy Styles

This mohawk is standing at attention. You will need a lot of product to get it to stay like this.

13. Long Mohawks

Mohawks come in all shapes and sizes and this one is longer at the end.

14. Casual Styles

This still has the mohawk edge to it but it’s much shorter and it almost blends in with the sides.

15. Cool Styles

Another great style that is simple to achieve.

16. Close-up Style

We get to see a close-up of one of Neymar’s most popular hairstyles.

17. Shaggy Styles

He loves his Mohawks and sometimes they are messy and sometimes they’re not.

18. Celebrity Styles

We can see that this woman is totally captivated by his sense of style.

19. Short Looks

This messy look shows off his curls which have been cut pretty short.

20. Stylish Looks

Another great look that you are sure to love because it’s easy to work with.

21. Loose Curls

His curls look particularly shaggy in this photo.

22. Cool Vibes

A great style that is sharp because of the blonde coloring.

23. Use of Product

A great style that is all pushed forward because of the use of product. We love how perfect this looks because of the shaved sides.

24. Edgy Styling

A great style that will look amazing this summer.

25. Pushed Back

Instead of pushing the style forward, he has pushed it back instead.

26. Bearded Styles

The beard itself is pretty polished, but it looks great with this type of hairstyle.

27. Wavy Styles

This clean-cut look has a bit of a wave to it and we love it.

28. Cool New Looks

You will turn the ladies heads all summer long with this awesome style.

29. Spike Designs

Another spiky mohawk that you are sure to love.

30. Modern Styles

This is another clean-cut look that is a little longer on the top.

31. Messy Styles

A great style that you can wear messy or put together.

32. Business Style

A polished look that you can wear to work or to an event.

33. Clean Styles

This is the kind of look that you want to wear to a wedding or another formal event. It’s polished and sexy.

34. High Mohawk

Another one of Neymar’s bold styles.

35. Top Spike

In this style, he has left his Mohawk as a partial design. He’s showing off bangs here and the back is left down as well.

36. Hot White

These highlights are hot white in this style.

37. Flat Look

He has left his hair down in this style giving it a very wet look.

38. Blonde Spikes

Another stylish mohawk that has blonde highlights. We love how the shaved sides are designed against the face.

39. Cool and Bright

This bright style is sure to get you the attention that you’re looking for.

40. Bold New Looks

If you like your mohawks high, then you are sure to love this style.

41. Meesy Styling

If you like the messy look, then try out this cool mohawk style.

42. Short and Simple

If you are looking for a low-maintenance style, then look no further than this one.

43. Styled to a Point

He’s keeping it short and polished in this style with choppy bangs.

44. Sexy Styles

Another great style that you are sure to love.

45. Stunning Looks

This cool look is kept short and it’s edgy.

46. Shorter Looks

Another short look that would be easy to maintain. He’s also got blonde highlights.

47. Bright As The Sun

These looks are always great for summertime. You will draw the eye just like he does with this style.

48. Sexy New Looks

This hot white blonde look would be sexy for summertime.

49. Caramel Colors

This flattened mohawk style has a night warm caramel color to it.

50. Cool Styles For You

This is the kind of style that you can wear dressy or casual; it’s all up to you.

51. Awesome Looks

A very short style that you can wear anywhere.

52. Side Looks

This edgy mohawk has the front styled to the side. We love the icy blonde highlights as well.

53. Casual Styling

Another great look that is just casual enough to wear to the beach.

54. Long Locks

A great style that shows off Neymar’s signature look. The Mohawk is a very popular look for him.


55. Straightened Styles

He’s likely straightened his hair to achieve this straight and spiky style.

56. All Over Style

Sports are sure to mess up your style and if you need a style you can sport in, then this is the one for you.

57. Cool Vibes

Another cool look that can be paired easily with a beard.

58. Cool Mohawks

Another cool style that you can sport during the summer months.

59. Sexy Styling

This style would only take a few minutes in the morning to create.

60. On Top

The sides are shaved to the scalp and the top is holding high.

61. Cool Designs

A close-up of a previous style that pairs the mohawk and the beach nicely together. We like his hair straight and pulled to the front, it’s a very cool look.

62. Stylized Looks

The wavy style looks pretty cool with the highlights. The tips on the top are highlighted and it’s all styled to the back.


63. Top Designs

A short mohawk style that has a few spikes throughout. He is more than okay with having an unkempt style. If you like it, then give it a whirl this summer.

63. High in the Back

The mohawk is mostly in the front with this style and the back is shaved higher.

64. Icy Tips

The contrast between the colors is sure to make your whole look stand out.

65. Shaved Designs

He’s still sporting a mohawk, but he’s kept it short in this photo. We see he has a shaved design on the sides which gives him a unique look.

66. Awesome New Looks

If you have natural curls, this might be the kind of style that you want to try out. It’s easy to manage and you can wear it anywhere.

67. Tight Curls

A style like this one is really simple and it’s a polished look that’s perfect for day to day living. It’s a great office look as well as a polished look for going out on a Friday night.

68. Awesome Styling

Another casual style that you can wear anywhere.

69. Flipped Styles

It’s long on top and he has it flipped to the side.

70. Loose Looks

The hair appears to be the same length all over and he’s made the top spiky.


71. Styling it Cool

If you are very outdoorsy in the summer than this is the perfect casual style for you. You can take it to the beach, camp or even playing sports.

72. Shaved Style

If you are looking for a low-maintenance style, then it doesn’t get better than this shaved look.



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