155 Various Design Ideas for a Rose Tattoo


The rose design is one of the most common designs people want to tattoo on their skin. If you are looking for a great rose tattoo design, here are several designs you can choose for a rose tattoo on your skin.

  1. Downward Rose Design
    rose tattooA downward rose design on the bust side is a beautiful combination of outlines, shades, and culottes that shapes a beautiful rose. The black and white shades are beautifully matched with the lighter skin tone that brings out the rose design perfectly. The shadow effects also complement the rose design pretty well.

2. Rose with Parchment and Scythe

The rose with parchment and scythe design looks beautiful on the arms. The elements of the parchment appear with shades and sharp edges while it displays as if it has an inscription with it. The scythe coming out of the tip of the rose comes with colors and shades that make the edge of the scythe look sharp.

3. Black rose with red tip and maroon stem

The colorized black roses with red tips come with maroon ink in the arm area. The details of the rose comprise of the leaves and the thorns put colors with the maroon ink. Adding a solid black color of the rose petals in lighter shades and a red rose tip finishes the rose buds on this tattoo design.

4. Rose with skull design

This rose with a skull design on the wrist is outlined with white details over a black flower petal shade. The skull is outlined with black ink and is shaded on the edges and on the eye socket, giving it a three-dimensional look. The design is finished with leaves and stem to give it a corsage look.

5. Rose with clock and dove design

This rose tattoo with a pocket clock and dove design is accentuated with a variety of shades, lightness, and darkness of the objects and the three-dimensional look that perfectly suits the wrist area. The dove and the pocket watch has a good symbolism of peace and moments that come along with the rose which is considered the flower of love.

6. Gray rose three-dimensional wrist corsage design

The corsage rose style in three-dimensional print has a unique shade of gray in a darker background. This suits perfectly on the wrist, like a tattoo corsage, and the rose looks realistic and stylish on the hand. The shadow black background adds an embossed effect to the rose and makes the design stand out on the skin.

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7. Red rose wrist corsage design

The colorized design is a simple combination of the rose petals and the leaves. The components are detailed in bright, solid colors and are outlined in black tattoo ink. It suits well like a wristband while maintaining its flower beauty. This is a beautiful aesthetic for the hand area and even looks amazing with bracelets or wristwatches on it.

8. Many rose petals with red-outlined leaves design

This many petals rose design comes with a long, wavy stem accentuating the flower. The tattoo design appears in black tattoo ink while the leaves displays in maroon ink and have black leaves shadow in the background. The design stretches from the wrist up to the elbow area.

9. Rose design shoulder cap design

This large rose design is a perfect shoulder tattoo design. Its design appears in black tattoo ink and has a variety of shades that create a three-dimensional effect on the rose. The leaves in the background give more support to the blooming rose design.

10. Three blooming rose design

This three-dimensional design is made possible by the layers of shadows and the precise printing technique that gives a more realistic rose image. Meanwhile, the leaves are given a more realistic outline, and the precise shades give a more vibrant monochrome background for the three roses in this design.

11. Line and dots rose outline with patterned bead rope design

This line-and-dots rose design has a structure similar to a colorless sketch. The shades of the design compose of dots of various sizes, and the rose petals and leaves have outlines in bold lines and curves. It is like a drawing waiting to be given colors yet maintains its “simple yet beautiful” aesthetics.

12. Rose in bloom hand tattoo design

This rose tattoo comes in different monochrome shades and outlines of bold lines and curves. It also has an accentuation with the different symbols on the fingers. The design is wide enough to fit the back of your hand on the dorsal side and has an aesthetic look and feel to your wrist and hand.

13. Stylized small rose sketch design

This one is a simple sketch of a rose and is a small tattoo design that can be inked virtually anywhere in the body. The outlines compose of small lines and curves. The rose buds have sharp edges to serve as curves of the petals while the leaves are simple diamond shapes that form from the thin stem line.

14. Three rose buds and leaves in dark background

The three roses and leaves come in colors and solid shades and appear with thin, black lines and a oil pastel effect. This rose design is best on the wrist-to-elbow area of the upper limbs. The dark background gives a more embossed feel to the roses and leaves, making it stand out from the skin.

15. Jagged rose outline design

The design of this two-rose tattoo with jagged leaves makes for a beautiful tattoo on the arms and legs. The shades create a three-dimensional effect on the design while the rough edges create a solid design to the flower and leaves. Meanwhile, the sketch-like outline creates a beautiful cornerstone to the design’s monochrome colors.

16. Rose corsage with dark and light leaf shade

The design under the wrist has a really great aesthetic to this body part. The variated black and white leaves create a beautiful accessory around the single rose design. The rose itself has a truly beautiful outline and is shaded darker on the inner areas of the petals.

17. Single rose monochromatic sketch design

The single stalk with a blossoming rose and a small branch of small leaves are designed with a mixture of outlines and shades while the stem and leaves are colored with solid shades of black. The dotted-like shades create a beautiful aesthetic on the petals of the rose while the outlines accents the blossoming rosebud.

18. Single rose in leaves wrapped on shoulder edge

This tattoo design creates a rugged aesthetic with the purpose to portray a shoulder brace of jagged rose leaves that curls itself into a vine-like outline wrapping through the under and back portions of the shoulders. The single rose is dull red in color but has a beautiful shading of black at the outermost region of its petals.

19. Printed sticker rose stalk design

This design portrays a single stalk of rose, with its red rose and black outline of leaves and stem. The full red color gives an accent to the rose tattoo, and the black leaves and stems support the accentuation of the rosebud design. A vine-like curve line is noticeable at the bottom part of the stalk.

20. Rose in bloom with reddish leaf tips cartoon design

This cartoon design of a rose on the wrist is all about outlines and shades. Although it is comes in colored ink, the shades of the tattoo design are still prevalent and determine the dimensions of the rose tattoo. The white edges also create an accent of lightness in this design while the leaves display beautiful reddish tips.

21. Three-dimensional rose on stylized floral pattern design

This three-dimensional, realistic texture of a rose in bloom is an exceptional technique that requires precision and fine prints to capture the realism of the flower. What makes this tattoo design totally unique is the floral symmetrical patterns that serve as its background. Overall, it is a stunning rose tattoo design.

22. Realistic single stem rose tattoo design

This single stem rose tattoo design has a realistic look and feel, albeit the technique that only uses thin lines and minimal monochrome shades. The stem looks real even when they are mere lines. The leaves and the flowers are seemingly printed details on the skin. The whole image will surely look good on any part of the body.

23. Blue rose with elaborate quilt designs and dark leaves background

This unique blue rose design features an ensemble of quilted textile patterns in bold, black inks. The aqua blue color of the rose makes the design a standout and has the support of the background design of leaves in black prints and the quilted patterns with a darker background on the overall design.

24. Rose in a triangle with dotted leaf and petal outline.

This design features a variety of lines and patterns that resemble a rose corsage. The standout shape of this design is the triangle in which the rose on the inside comes in pink color while the rest are in black and white. The design has leaf structures alongside certain parts of the petal. Line and dot patterns are an addition to the design to make the flower stand out.

25. Whole back rose petals with water globules printed design

This massive rose tattoo design covers an entire back area and is like a painting of the person’s skin from his shoulders down to his hips. The three-dimensional character of the design features water globules, rose petals, a single rose leaf, and some orange slices below the flower. The design’s background is black in color.

26. Cartoon rose outline on the wrist design

This is a simple design of a rose that can be likened to a child’s drawing of a flower. A single rose stalk with a blossoming rose petal and jagged stem and leaf outline, this design is perfect for any part of the body, though many prefer to have it tattooed on the wrist.

27. Three blooming rosebuds on an elbow tattoo.

This stylish tattoo of three roses is a collaborative effect of monochromatic colors and realistic prints. This is a play of blacks and whites to create a three-dimensional effect of the rose petals. Meanwhile, the dark background covers the entire elbow area of the arms and embosses the rose petals beautifully.

28. Four roses with leaves design

The four roses are designed in a way that they are realistic and cartoonish at the same time. The outlines and shades provide a three-dimensional effect to the rose petals and the leaves. The details of the rose leaves create a beautiful background for the roses, and the shadow behind it embosses the tattoo design from the skin.

29. Red Christmas rose and ruby stone on polygon and curve patterns

The red Christmas rose and ruby stone are set in linear shading techniques that create a three-dimensional effect on the objects in this design. The patterns behind the two objects are a mixture of polygon patterns and curly designs that are a playful background for two realistically serious objects.

30. Cartoon rosebud designs

These designs are illustrated in a cartoonish manner. Some of these are either upward or downward rose designs, colorized, or black and white. The most common feature in this kind of rose tattoo is that it is a long-stem rose, either a bud or in full bloom. The last picture even portrays a long-stem rose from the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.

31. Sleeve tattoo print with rose design

This particular tattoo covers a certain area of the arm, preferably the sleeves. This rose design is a nice pattern for such a kind of tattoo print and has a beautiful outline of petals and leaves with a black background to emboss the rose tattoo design on the skin.

32. Outline rose tattoo designs

This tattoo is a collaborative effect of thick and thin lines as well as normal and inverse coloring techniques for tattoo designs. The use of lines to determine shades, outlines, and edges create a perfect harmony of the design and makes the tattoo stand out more on the skin.

33. Playful tattoo designs

The use of colors other than the natural color of the object sparks uniqueness, queerness, and a tinge of self-expression on this rose tattoo design. The variety of colors, shades, and patterns to come up with this kind of design calls for a thought outside the box, albeit the shapes and outlines being technically realistic with the object.

34. Photorealistic monochrome rose tattoo design

A black and white print of the rose design has become possible with the precision and perfection of lines, shades, dimensions, and color techniques. These types of photorealistic tattoos are the product of higher designing skills or machinery. The three-dimensional form of the rose design brings out the realism in the rose.

35. Rose glove tattoo designs (with names)

One of the many ways to express admiration over a special someone, the rose design with someone’s name is a testimony of a genuine admiration, given that tattoos are hard to remove. The use of lines and shades brings out a three-dimensional design of a rose tattoo on the dorsal part of the hand.

36. Realistic rose designs

The realism in a rose displays with the use of colors and shades. Having a three-dimensional effect on the rose tattoo makes the design stand out from any skin tone at any part of the body. The extra details of leaves, dew drops, and even small branches make the design even more captivating.

37. Upper limb rose tattoo ideas

Most of the tattoo receivers want to have their tattoo printed on their arms, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and even at the back of their hands. From simple to elaborate designs, more enthusiasts are beginning to love tattoos on the upper limbs with a rose tattoo, a name, a small to a medium icon, or a sleeve tattoo if they are brave enough.

38. Back rose tattoo ideas

There are some who want to have tattoos at the back of their body. Most of them prefer to have it inked on their shoulder plates, by the handles, waists, or even their hips. Some rose tattoos inked at the back range from small tattoo designs up to a full back tattoo.

39. Quilt patterned wrist rose corsage tattoo ideas

The design takes inspiration from the realism of the rose object on the tattoo over the quilt patterns that is similar to a glove’s opening or a ball corsage. The quilt patterns comprise of crisscross lines that look like a mitten but is permanent on the tattoo receiver’s wrist and hands. The violet rose has the shade and outline to make it look like a three-dimensional object.

40. Cropped long stem rose design

The design is a long stem rose without the lower part included. The focus of the design is the rose, either in full bloom or a bud with the leaves and stem on it. Sometimes, thorns are included in the design, like in the picture, but most of the time, it is not.

41. Rose blossoms design

While many wanted a full rose tattoo, there are those who prefer only the blossoms of the rose. Some of them have it in groups of three or four, with the leaves included as background. Some have it grouped together while some have it cascaded downwards. Most rose blossom designs are monochromatic, but there are also colorized rose blossom tattoo designs.

42. Small roses tattoo design

For those who wanted to keep a smaller tattoo design, a small rose on the arms, wrists, or back is also nice. Most of these are simple, cartoonish designs. There are also small rose tattoos that have realistic appeals. Most of these small rose tattoos are stylized while some are simple outlines.


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