52 of the Best Shaved Side Hairstyles


If you are looking for a drastic change when it comes to a new hairstyle, shaving the side of your head may be exactly what you are looking for. It’s the latest trend that has hit the industry in the past few years and it is still holding strong. It’s one style that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If you like to be noticed, nothing will make you stand out in a crowd more than having a shaved hairstyle. Back in the day you had to be into punk in order to shave your head, but that’s not the case anymore. It’s the trend now and shaving your head is becoming more of a feminine choice than ever before. Whether you are a businesswoman or a musician you can rock this look inside the office and out. The side shaved look is a great trend starter that will have people wishing they were as brave as you.

Shaved Side Hairstyles

Shaved Side Hairstyles

Deciding on which style to go with is never an easy one. You want to make a well thought out decision when it comes to shaving your head. After all once you shave it there is no turning back. So your side shave should match your personality and sense of style. If you are a more laid back and casual person, cutting all your hair off and then shaving the side could be too drastic of a change for you. Keeping one side long while shaving the other could be a better start. But if you are used to living on the edge then maybe a short Mohawk paired with a side shave is exactly the look you are going for. Either way making an informed decision will ensure that you are happy with the look you have achieved.  Shaving your head is a fun and creative way of making a statement about not only fashion but who you are as an individual, so have fun with it.

If you are brave enough to give it a try there are many different styles that can help to inspire your own choice. Take a look at the 52 best shaved side hairstyles and give yourself a really badass look this year.

  1. If you are looking for a really short look, this one is for you. It compliments a short style and fades from short to barely there.

5020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This look is presented piled up as a bun but can certainly be left down on one side as well. If you feel brave enough shave both sides. The design is an added touch that complements the whole look.

4020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This look is best if you are into the faux-hawk/Mohawk look. She looks stunning in blonde with a very distinct design.

3020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. If you were blessed with curls, have no fear this is the perfect example of how you can achieved the look and still keep some curls. The contrast between the short side and the bouncy curls are beautiful.

2020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. In this picture we are presented with curls once again. This curl has opted to shave the back with a very unique design creating art on the back of her head. If a side shave isn’t what you are looking for try for the back of the head.

1020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Keeping the top very short, the side shave complements her whole look and leaves her looking stunning even without a design. Add a little color and the look snaps attention.

6020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This stunning blonde has a more modern look, longer and styled high to the side. Her sideburn is sculpted to achieve a distinct and attractive look.

7020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. If you want to add a little fun to your shave, why not add a braid along with it. The contrast between the blonde and the girl’s natural hair color achieves a badass look.

8020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. A curly Mohawk pushed forward makes this shaved side that much more appealing to the eye. Add in the short tracks to give the look a little pop.

9020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. An all over shave with a bright red long Mohawk is the key look for anyone that wants to make a bold statement.

10020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. With an all-around shave and a Mohawk style you achieve both looks flawlessly. Add a little art in the form of flowers and you will be getting compliments wherever you go.

15020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Long braids with a partial side shave give you the look of sophistication without an extreme shave. With or without braids this look is one that is going to draw the eye.

14020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Using contrast colors helps achieve a look that is sure to draw attention. The spiraling design assures that you will catch everyone’s eye wherever you go.

13020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This Mohawk carries on down the neckline and the contrasting pink is to die for. The black and pink together complements one another and gives you a look with a lot of edge.

11020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. A curly look that isn’t too drastic but still has some pop to it because of the track lines. A little design can be as strong as a large one.

16020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This look is a great one for out on the town. By leaving one side curled and lengthy it softens up the look of the shaved side. Pull it up for a more sophisticated look.

17020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This look is the perfect example of how you can keep your hair long while still having a side shave. It’s perfect if you aren’t ready to go too short.

18020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This look is for the girls that love their hair to stay long. The side shave isn’t dramatic and yet it is very beautiful.

19020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. An elegant look that you can wear even to the office. This is a stunning short style that would complement anyone looking for a short hairstyle.

20020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. You can rock the 80’s look with this high hairstyle. The shaved side just adds to the appeal and brings the look together.

21020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. A long hairstyle with a complete shave on the side. If you feel daring enough you can shave right down to the skin. The look will last longer and give you a different look.

22020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This hot hairstyle is breathtaking. Not only can you braid it to show off the distinct shave or you can wear your hair down for a more casual look.

23020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. If you are looking for a style that you can easily wear to an event this is the one for you. Contrasting colors matched with a descending braid, this side shave is sure to be the talk of the night.

24020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Long layers and a casual side shave may be the look that you want to start with before becoming more daring.

26020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. An extreme side shave complements her bold choice of colors. Shaving the head and adding color is perfect for anyone looking for a bold and striking look.

27020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Long hair with an extreme part brings the look together with a beautiful side shave.

28020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Who doesn’t love a redhead? This is a look for the non-extremists. The girl has long hair and a gorgeous bang. Her side shave isn’t that noticeable but stands out when she wants it to.

29020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This rocker style reminds us of the original Mohawk; a bold statement for anyone looking to make a WOW statement. Not only is it a classic look but it’s eye-popping as well.

30020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. If you are looking for a style that is really creative, look no further than this one. Adding a bow or any other detailed design is sure to make your side shave as creative as a canvas.

31020216-shaved-side -hairstyle29. A curly Mohawk that can be used as a casual or elegant look. The long hair paired with the shaved side gives the perfect contrast.32020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This stunning look appeals to anyone who wants to keep their length. A sexy and sultry side shave completes the look.

33020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This is no ordinary side shave. Take the opportunity to show off your tattoo by adding one to the side shave. This look is truly badass. This is not the look for the faint of heart but if you love tattoos and want to make an impression than this side shave is for you.

34020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Another braided look this one gives the side shave a bohemian feel. The warm blonde and the wraparound braid complements the side shave.

35020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This side shave carries on to the back of the head for a more distinct look. This look stands out more but the length can be brought down to cover it up as well.

36020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This long hair look has real volume which really helps the side shave stand out. Color and volume work great together to achieve this look.

37020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This side shave is only about a ¼ length of the side for those who don’t want to do a full side shave. You still get the sexy shave without taking too big of a risk.

38020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Who said that you can’t still wear a ponytail after shaving your head? This look is beautiful and casual. It can be worn up or down.

39020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Grey hair is the latest trend these days and what better look to pair with a side shave. The look is pristine and stunning giving a classic appeal to an edgy shave.

40020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. You don’t get much better than a blonde Mohawk but then you add a side shave and you have a classic look.

41020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. A gorgeous side shave adds to the stark contrast of this girls long locks. You get the best of both worlds with this look.

42020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. A short Mohawk; this look can be used for one side or a full bottom shave. It all depends on how dramatic you want to be.

43020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This side shave just extends to the ear but still gives the look that you are going for while allowing for you to keep the length. If you want to add more edge than change the color.

44020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Who says you have to tame your hair? This sexy style allows for loose waves and yet there is still the distinctive side shave that tells people you really know style. You have a messy look that comes together with the side shave.

45020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Long hair and a side shave? Done. Now how about some style for your look? Adding a star makes that side shave pop. The fact that it’s a double star the eye is drawn to it immediately as it stands out.

46020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Beautiful cascading curls complete perfectly this side shave look. You can have an edgy style while still having the classy elegance of curls.

47020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This side shave allows for a complete wraparound shave or the ability to keep it to one side. Without the ponytail you can have a more dressed down look.

48020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Whether you are looking for a casual beach look or going to an event this look is great for both. Sexy beach curls paired with a side shave? What more could a girl ask for?

49020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This look is eye-catching to be sure. Not only do you have a side shave but why not add some color to it and make the look really grab attention.

50020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. The side shave is left natural in this style but the rest of the hair is boldly colored giving the look a truly distinctive edge to it.

51020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. An extreme side part really draws the eye to the side shave letting people know you’re not just any ordinary girl.

52020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. This side shave is absolutely stunning with such an original; design. It draws the eye to it immediately and gives you a one of a kind look.

53020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Combining length with a side shave gives you the best of both worlds. The side shave is high on one side and trails to the back of the head giving you a badass hairstyle.

54020216-shaved-side -hairstyle

  1. Short and stylish this look is a combination of cute and sexy. The side shave adds a wonderful contrast to the look that can take you out to any event with class and elegance.

55020216-shaved-side -hairstyle



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