93 Cool Taper Fades to Try Out This Year


The taper fade is one of the most popular and trendy haircuts available for men. You really can’t go wrong with this type of style as it’s unlikely to ever go out of style. It is a versatile and iconic hairstyle and there are just so many ways that you can style it. If you are looking for ideas, then you have come to the right place. The great thing about a taper fade is that you can combine it with a lot of cool looks like the afro, comb-over, high top, mohawk or just a curly style.

If you are looking for a fresh look this summer, then you should go for the taper fade. We have a ton of styles for you to look through.

Check out these 93 Cool Taper Fades to Try Out This Year.

  1. Fresh Styles

A cool look like this is sure to make you popular with the ladies.


2. Bearded Styles

This fade just fades right into the beard which gives it a really cool look. It’s long on top and it gives you a totally great look.

3. Styled Back

A fade like this is clean on the sides and very long on the top. The hair is styled back into a very different look.

4. Braided Styles

A fade is designed to perfection. A great style like this is braided and pulled away from his face.

5. Curly Styles

A cool fade like this one looks amazing with curly hair. The curls here are pushed forward again.

6. Cross Designs

This is a high top style that has a pretty amazing fade on the side. We love how this is made into a cross. You can basically have any design that you want shaved into your head.

7. Afro Styles

A clean fade like this is right to the scalp. There are many levels to the fade and this is a close one for sure. The top in the afro style and it looks pretty cool.

8. Clean Cut Looks

A clean-cut style that is shorter on top but gives you a very polished look.

9. Shaggy Styles

The fade here is pretty simple and one that can be tamed pretty easily in the morning. The top is a little more shaggy.

10. Bold Styles

Another clean-cut style that is pretty easy to put together.

11. Tight Curls

A cool mohawk made out of curls. The fade is cool and it helps with the overall look.

12. Wavy High Top

A high top style that is totally cool. The sides are clean while the rest is a wavy style.

13. Comb Over Style

The fade is long on the sides and it gets shorter. The comb-over is a much better look.

14. Slick Styles

A very cool style that is very slick with a lot of product. The part is severe with this style.

15. Shaved Styles

A great style that is a simple combo-over and it makes a classic look.

16. Cool Designs

A cool design like this one is truly unique. You won’t really find a more bold style then this one. We love all the unique shaved designs around his head. They are very cool.

17. Cool Elements

A style like this one is fresh and well put together. We love when the shave melts right into the beard.

18. Sharp Designs

Another cool shave designs that make this look very edgy.

19. Edgy Looks

A great style like this is a curly high top. The sides are shaved in this cool style.

20. Cool Curls

The top is long and the sides are short in this cool design.

21. Clean Styles

A clean design around the head leaves a clean look that you can wear all summer long.

22. Shorter Styles

A cool look like this one is sure to make you smile this year.

23. Levels of Fade

There are many different levels of fade with this style and it goes to the skin.

24. Trendy Styles

A fun style like this will make you look cool all summer long.

25. Spiky Styles

A short style like this takes a lot of product to put into spikes. A bold look like this will last all summer long.

26. Cool Looks For Kids

An awesome style like this will keep your kid cool all summer. It’s a fresh style that he will love.

27. The Wave

A great style like this has a comb-over that looks like a wave. The side is faded quite short.

28. Sweet Fade

A sweet fade like this is sure to impress the ladies and you will feel cool wherever you go.

29. Shaggy Spikes

This cool look is one to try out because there are shaggy spikes and a simple fade.

30. Cool Vibe

The edges around the forehead are designed perfectly and we can’t help but appreciate the artistry of it. It’s an all-over polished look that you are sure to love.

31. Simple Wave

Try out a cool style like this one this summer and be the life of the party.

32. Sharp Shave

These sharp edges are very cool, how could we not love a style like this. The shave melts into the beard to create a cool look like this. If you have a beard, then you are sure to love this style.

33. Darkening Designs

A style like this one is clean and would be easy to manage in the morning.

34. Rounded Cuts

This look is very different from the rest but no less cool.

35. Bun Styles

Even with long hair, you can appreciate the fade. There are many different ways that you can take advantage of the fade and this is just one of them.

36. Very High Top

This is a very high style, one that you can pull off with long hair. The high top is made so much more noticeable because of the close shave on the sides.

37. Fresh New Styles

A style like this one is fresh and will feel like a new style for you.

38. Cool Buns

A faded style always looks great with long hair and you can pull it back into a bun to show it off.

39. Tight Curly Styles

Mohawks are really great looks that go well with a fade.

40. Cool Comb Over

The part here is shaved to perfection. The rest is left loose and flows well.

41. Trendy Styles

When it comes to popular and trendy styles, you can’t go wrong with this style. Whether you are wearing jeans or a suit, you will look amazing in this style.

42. Cool and Curly

A curly style like this is so stylish and the fade goes from one extreme to another.

43. Cool and Sharp

A cool style like this is a sharp one. Looks like this are great for summer.

44. Outrageous Styles

If you are looking for a bold look, one that is abrupt and sharply styled. This is the kind of style that is sure to draw the eye.

45. Tight Styles

A clean-cut style like this one is well put together and would be pretty easy to style in the morning.

46. Short and Slick

A short style like this one is sure to make you feel as cool as Zayn does. This celebrity style is simple to create in your own life.

47. Polished Styles

A short curly style is cool with the fresh fade on the sides.

48. Flowing Styles

A style like this is high on top and has flowing waves. A free-flowing style that is also pretty cool.

49. Polished Curls

This fade goes right up to the part and it makes for a great style. The curls are perfectly put together.

50. Bold Hair Styles

An amazing style that is long and styled backward. Whether it’s for business or play, this is a style that you are sure to love.

51. Stylish Designs

A style like this is wavy and styled to the side. The shave is close to the head and the fade is subtle.

52. Bold Wave

This is a more obvious fade but one that looks pretty cool. The hair in the front is flipped backward.

53. Brave Style

The longer style here is style forward and down. The side shaves add an extra dimension.

54. Styled in Waves

A great style like this is all about putting together a style that is trendy and wild. These cascading waves on top will require a lot of product to create.

55. Preppy Styles

Some people are looking for styles that are a little more polished. It would be a great style that you can wear to work.

56. Fun Styles

The taper fade is barely noticeable in this style. It’s a shorter style on top, but again this is a low-maintenance look.

57. Dramatic Fades

These curls are totally on point and the fade here is very dramatic.

58. Sharper Looks

This tapered fade is longer on the sides to give you a very different look.

59. Choppy Styles

Faded styles look very cool with a longer style on top. It’s a choppy look and one that you are sure to love this summer. It’s a fresh style and one that looks cool with a beard.

60. Wild Curls

An amazing style that has some bold and big curls on top. There are varying stages of a fade with this style that give you a totally unique look.

61. Different Styles

Cool styles like this one are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

62. Edgy Styles

Another example of a trendy style that is very polished.

63. Sharper Looks

A part like this is sharp and styled in this look. It’s a classic look that is very trendy right now. These shaved parts create a dramatic look that will draw the eye to you.

64. Bold and Stylish

A bold style that is very edgy. The sides have a very dramatic one that is pretty obvious to the eye. The longer sides really give you a dramatic look. If you want a cool and edgy style this summer, then try out this look.

65. High Top Styling

The fade is almost non-existent here and it’s a short fade. We almost don’t notice the design on the sides, but it’s definitely there.

66. Shiny Styles

The shave here is designed around the side, it’s amazing. The top is super shiny and that may be the result of product.

67. Longer Styles

You don’t have to shave to the skin in order to have a taper fade. This is a very different style that is just as cool as the others. You might not want to commit to a dramatic shave and this look is perfect for someone who doesn’t want the commitment.

68. Stylish Fade

This is a very different tapered fade, especially around the year. It’s a fresh style for the summer. It’s a very polished and perfect design that’s shaved in.

69. Styled Backward

Another great style that is styled backward to give you a polished look.

70. Casual Looks

This style is a little more casual than most and again it is longer on the sides.

71. Unique Looks

The curls are messy and the fade is designed in a unique way. This is truly a cool look that you can rock out this year.

72. Shorter Fade

The part here is rounded out all the way to the back. The curls on top are tight and this was a very cool look.

73. Slick Styles

Another short look that would be very easy to put together in the morning.

74. Low Fade

The fade here is very low especially in the back of the neck.

75. Afro Style

A cool look with an afro and there is a shaved design in the front as well.

76. High Style Looks

Another cool style that is very popular and trendy right now.

77. Very Cool Styles

A great style that is very trendy right now.

78. Bold Shaves

A short style like this one will keep you cool during the summer. This is another style that is very popular right now.

79. Cool Faded Styles

Taper fades can be done in many ways. This is an example of a shorter style and one that can be easily managed. If you want a simple look, then this is the one for you.

80. Bold and Stylish

Cool styles like this don’t come around every day. It’s a fun style that you are going to be able to rock all year long.

81. Square Styles

A square style like this gives you an edgier look. It’s another great look that fades wonderfully into a beard. It’s so cool how they can fade them both together to create a unique style.

82. Blonde Styles

Sometimes all you need to upgrade your style is a color change. This is a cool fro style that is very unique.

83. Full Curls

Cool designs shaved into the side is a very popular look right now. Just embrace your curls and combine them with a taper fade.

84. Square Shaved Designs

Tight curls are a great look when it comes to tapering fades. The sides are not shaved to the skin. It’s a fresh look for the season.

85. Awesome Looks

Another great shaved look that has the top high and curly. These cool styles are ones to try out this year for sure.

86. Great Comb Over Styles

A polished style that has a pretty great comb-over. It’s a great style that is stylish and trendy. A shaved side like this is a remarkable style that you can wear to an event.

87. Cool New Styling

A clean-cut style that you are sure to be able to rock out all year long. A wonderful look that is fresh and clean.

88. Sexy Styles

An amazing look that is fashionable and sexy. We love this amazing look and so will you.

89. Trendy and Bold

A cool look that is longer all over and it’s a style that can be easily blended. It’s a great style that you can blend in with a beard. It’s an awesome look that you can try this year.

90. Mohawk Styles

If you are looking for a style that is truly edgy, then you can’t go wrong with this style. Jared Leto is rocking the mohawk with a shaved side. It’s edgy and will make you feel like an instant rock star.

91. Casual Designs

Another style that is simple and cool. This is a style that is pretty easy to put together in the morning. It will only take a few minutes to style and you will be on your way. If you want a look that is easy but still stylish, then this is the one for you.

92. Fresh and Cool

If you want a new style this year but don’t want anything complicated, then this is a great look to try out. It’s not too short or too long. It’s a look that you can style easily in a few different ways.

93. Longer Looks

Maybe you want to keep most of your hair on top, but you want to change up the rest. This style is long on top but has a very close fade. It’s trend and it’s sure to get you attention wherever you go.


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