93 Sweet Toddler Hairstyles For Boys and Girls


If you are looking for some cute new hairstyles for your toddler, then you have come to the right place. There are so many sweet options out there that will make your child look cute. As kids grow up, they start to get their own personality and you want their hairstyle to reflect that. There are a ton of cool looks for your child that you are sure to love. We have a lot of great options available to you.

Check out these 93 Sweet Toddler Hairstyles For Boys and Girls:

  1. Short Curls

A sweet style like this is easy to put together.


2. Subtle Styles

A simple style that will keep your son cool this summer.

3. Tight Curls

If you want to keep those curls in place, then try adding some elastics.

4. Bob Styles

A great style that is short for the summer.

5. Curly Styles

A style like this is sure to please you. There are curls all over and you are sure to love this style.

6. Tight Ringlets

An adorable bow is all you need to have an amazing style like this one. This would be a great look for a party.

7. Clean Edges

A look like this one is cool and collected. Your son is about to be the edgiest kid on the playground.

8. Slick Styles

A cool look like this is clean on the sides and trendy on top. This flipped look is going to require some gel.

9. Choppy Styles

This is an adorable style that has some choppy layers to it.

10. Side Styles

This hairstyle is swept to the side and the sides are clean. This style is very popular right now.

11. Longer Styles

A style like this is adorable. The longer style like this is sure to please you.

12. Shorter Styles

This clean-cut look is still very edgy, but it will be easy to put together in the morning.

13. Cute Styles

How can you not love such an adorable style like this one?

14. Side Looks

These are two very cute bobs, one shorter than the other. You can see how one has the bang loose while the other has the bow pulled back in a bow.

15. Slick Styling

Your kid is going to feel like the coolest kid on the block with this style. Even his part is styled to perfection.

16. Loose and Long

The style is wavy and flipped backward. This long look is truly unique.

17. Spiky Styles

A great look that is very trendy for boys right now. Spikes will always be in style.

18. Cool Styles

Another short style that is truly adorable.

19. Curly Looks

This adorable look is sure to have your child looking sweet all year long.

20. Lightning Bolts

The curls are piled high on top and the sides are short. The part has been turned into a lightning bolt.

21. Short Curls

A short look like this is a great way for you to embrace your child’s curls.


22. Braided Styles

Braids are a cool look because they will never go out of style.

23. Formal Style

If you are looking for a formal look for your child, then this style is sure to love this style. Your child will feel like a princess with this look.

24. Cool Side Sweep

A sleek style like this is sure to impress anyone.

25. Choppy Styles

A great style like this one is truly unique.

26. High Styles

These spikes are piled on high and it’s a very fashionable look.

27. Mohawk Styles

A great mohawk style that is also a very popular look. This is a true mohawk style because the sides are shaved.

28. Short Spikes

A short look like this is a really low-maintenance style that you can put together in a few minutes every morning.

29. A Fresh Look

If you don’t want to go too short, then this style is a little longer on the sides and the top.

30. Sweet Looks

Your son is sure to feel cool with a look like this.

31. Double Pigtails

A cute little style that is short and has some pigtails.

32. Cool Vibes

A style like this is sure to make your son feel like the cool guy in the park.

33. Shaved Styles

These styles are very popular right now.

34. High Spikes

This mohawk style is pretty high on top.

35. Longer Styles

A striking style like this one is sure to brighten your day.

36. Modern Mohawk

A style like this is always going to be considered edgy and cool.

37. Cool Vibes

The top is long and spiked high and the sides are very short.

38. Sweet Mohawk

The Mohawk on top is a lot larger than most and not style in the edgy spike.

39. Sweet Buns

A cool style that has some pretty cute buns.

40. Add A Bow

What an adorable style that is completed with a bow.

41. Cute Curls

These adorable curls are sure to brighten anyone’s day.

42. Sharp Parts

These gorgeous parts are truly remarkable. They are sharp and precise.

43. Bold Red

Curls and short sides are sure to impress anyone.

44. Long Styles

If you want your child’s hair long, you can style it in many ways to keep it out of her face.

45. Box Styles

Box braids are a great way to protect your child’s hair for months on end.

46. Cool and Edgy

Sharp styles like this are truly remarkable.

47. Rolled Styles

If you are all about high fashion styles, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

48. Soft Styles

This adorable style is off to the side.

49. Subtle Styles

There isn’t much that can be done about hair that isn’t very long.

50. Soft Curls

A sweet style is soft and curly.

51. Casual Styles

If you want something that is casual and low-maintenance, then you are sure to love this style.

52. Sweet Looks

A cool look like this that is very stylish.

53. Short and Stylish

Another short style that is sure to please you.

54. Low-Maintenace Style

This short style is easy to put together.

55. Pretty Styles

This is a sweet style that is perfect when you go visit the family.

56. Fishtails Looks

This is another soft and loose look that is perfect for summer.

57. Loose Styling

Another great loose look that is left casual.

58. Simple Looks

If you need to dress up a look then just add a bow.

59. Casual Part

All you need is a different part to change up your child’s look.

60. Short Bobs

If you are looking for a new haircut for your child, bobs never go out of style.

61. Subtle Styling

Another great look that you are sure to love.

62. Bold Curls

Embrace your child’s curls with a cool look like this.

63. High Top Curls

These curls are piled high on top.

64. Celebrity Style

This young actress knows how to dress up for an event.

65. Sleek New Looks

Styles like this are truly amazing to have.

66. High Spikes

This adorable style is very spikey indeed.

67. Rock Style Looks

Your son is sure to feel like a rock star with this look.

68. Straight Bobs

This chic bob looks so cute on this little girl.

69. Flipped Styles

A simple look that is put together easily.

70. Bold and Curly

Curls are one of the most beautiful styles you can have.

71. Small Buns

A small bun like this is a start of a popular style.

72. Afro Styles

Afros are a great way of embracing your curls.

73. Bold Ringlets

A very cool style that you are sure to enjoy.

74. Braided Looks

These gorgeous braided styles are truly unique and we love the one that goes down the middle.

75. Thick Mohawks

A great style that is spiked high on top.

76. Shaved Styles

How could you not love such a cute little hairstyle?

77. Precious Curls

When you have curls this beautiful, you want to leave them down.

78. Amazing Styles

These cool styles are truly amazing and can be used during the school year.

79. Braided Ponytail

This cool style is a great look for the school year or a cool event.

80. Crazy Hairstyles

If you need a crazy hairstyle, then you are sure to love this rainbow design.

81. Gorgeous Braids

A braided style that you are sure to love.

82. Casual Looks

A simple look like this is perfect for all year.

83. Subtle Styles 

You won’t find an easier style to put together.

82. Edgy Looks

There takes a lot of gel in the hair to create this style.

83. Long Bobs

This look will suit your child at any age.

84. Edgy Shaving

You can shave virtually any design into your head just like this one.

85. Simple Bob

Another great example of a low-maintenance style.

86. Cute Looks

Another easy summer style.

87. Sweet Bob

A bold style that is completely adorable.

88. Fashionable Styles

This stylish look is great for any occasion.

89. Cool and Stylish

How preppy is this style, it’s incredible.

90. Bold and Unique

Another sleek look that is so stylish.

91. Soft Spikes

A cool style that is also very cute.

92. Rounded Style

These styles are very slick with gel and rounded into a bold style.

93. Casual Styling

Another casual style that is easy to style.



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