56 Cool Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles For Men


If you are looking for a cool and fresh new look for the summer then why not try a disconnected undercut style? What is a disconnected undercut? That’s easy to answer. It’s the sharp contrast between a shaved or short side with longer hair on top. It’s a very popular style going on right now. There are rarely fades with this style; it’s most commonly a style that has a shaved side that’s close to the skin.

The look has been updated over the years and there are styles that are slicked back and others that are spiked. There are so many ways of styling your hair that you will have fun doing it all summer long.

Check out these 56 Cool Disconnected Undercut Styles For Men:

  1. Slick Styles

This is a great style that had the long hair slicked back. The sides are shaved right to the skin.


2. Side Swept

An amazing look like this one is very stylish. The long hair on top is styled to the side and the shaved sides are actually in a designed fade. It’s an awesome looking style.

3. Spiked Styles

If you have a beard, this style would be a great one to choose. The shaved look is designed perfectly and the top is spiked.

4. High Top 

If you are looking for a cool look, then this is the one for you. How could you not love this spiky style, it’s ultra cool.

5. Bold Looks

A short style like this one has a very short side that is shaved in a design. The top is styled off to the side.

6. Unique Styles

A style like this one is truly unique. If you are looking to draw attention to your style this summer, then you are sure to love this look.

7. Model Looks

This is a sexy style that will make you feel like a model. The sides aren’t as short as the others.

8. Bold Fade

A great style like this one has a cool fade and one that is sure to draw the eye. The top is long and styled to the back.

9. Styling Looks

A great style like this is stylish and over the top. If you are looking for a bold style, then this is the one for you.

10. Sleek Looks

A spiky style like this is one is truly unique. A cool look that is shaved on the sides and the spikes make it very cool.

11. Cool Styles

This style is perfectly coifed and it is one that is sure to steal the show. Another style that looks amazing with a beard.

12. Styled Bangs

The top is quite long and styled forward as if he has bangs. We love these cool looks and so will you all summer long.

13. Shaved Designs

The shaved part is a style that stands out in the most unique way. The top is styled off to the side and it looks fantastic.

14. Messy Styles

A messy style on top allows you to have a very casual look. The sides are short and create a wonderful new look.

15. Amazing Length

A great style like this one shows an amazing look on the top and it’s slicked back. The sides are shaved creating an amazing contrast.

16. Simple Styles

If you are looking for a style that is easy to put together in the morning, then this is the one for you. It’s a simple style that you can wear anywhere.

17. Top Heavy

This incredible style is both cool and fresh. It’s long on top and short on the sides.

18. Bold Styling

This style has a lot of length on top and it’s styled forward with a lot of gel or wax. When you have hair this long, you are going to need to be comfortable using product.

19. Creative Spikes

This is a very different way of creating spikes in the style and with this look, you will feel like a beach bum. The white blonde locks sure help to create that kind of surfer look.

20. Shorter Looks

This style is shorter on top but no less cool than the rest.

21. Middle Part

A long style like this one is a pretty cool look and when it’s parted in the middle, it gives off a totally different look.

22. Casual Styles

A style like this one is short and simple. You won’t find an easier style to put together in the morning.

23. Curly Styles

A great style like this one is a great way to show off natural curls.

24. Cool and Tall

A style like this one is a cool one because you can use the length on top to style in many different ways.

25. Perfect Styles

A slicked style is perfectly coifed in the back. The style is shaved but not short.

26. Cool and Stylish

A style like this one is sure to bring a smile to your face. This is a professional style that you can easily wear to work.

27. Career Styles

A style like this one can be sexy and polished.

28. Great Looks

A great style like this is perfectly polished.

29. Turning Styles

A curly style like this is amazing and the sides are short. It’s styled off to the side and the curls are left to flourish. This is a style that is sure to draw attention.

30. Standard Styles

It’s a great look that looks like it would never move. Try this style out this summer and show it off for the world.

31. Side Styles

A style like this one is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s stylish and special, a great look that you can rock out anywhere.

32. Short Looks

An amazing style like this can be used as business or casual. If you want a new look this year, then this is a great option to try out.

33. Shaved New Looks

The top is long and styled to the side. The shaved sides are polished and designed. This is the kind of dramatic look that you want to try this year.

34. Curly Looks

The sides are super short and the top has some pretty bold curls. If you have naturally curly hair, there is no reason to hide it. Show those curls off to the world with this cool style.

35. Spiky and Cool

The contrast between short and long is truly a cool look. We love these spiky styles. A look like this is sure to draw some attention your way.

36. Long and Bold

You can have your style as long as you want, it just depends on the look you are going for. The hair in this photo is quite thick, so it’s going to offer more depth in the style.

37. Sexy Styles

A style like this one is sexy and bold, the perfect style for you. The ladies will be turning their heads all summer long. It’s a great look if you like to keep things clean cut.

38. Styled Back

A great style like this one is sure to turn heads.

39. Designed Shave

An awesome style like this one is very polished.

40. Highlighted Looks

A perfect style like this one is sure to look great all summer long.

41. Awesome Styles

If you are in business, then this polished look is perfect for you.

42. Bearded Styles

The shave is close to the skin and the beard looks great with it.

42. Short and Cool

The sides here aren’t very short, but the overall style is cool. Justin Timberlake always has great style and he is someone to follow for sure.

43. High Top Styles

The top here is very high and it provides a unique look.

44. Wavy Styles

This looks like a big crashing wave and these styles are very popular right now.

45. Sleek and Simple

A look like this is simple to put together.

46. Casual New Looks

This style is messy and there is no need to worry about polishing a style.

47. Cool and Sexy

The top here is quite short and it provides a great style that goes well with a beard.

48. Thick Waves

You don’t have to go super short to have a disconnected undercut. This style is just a little longer and it has a dramatic effect.

49. Grease Lightning

This style is greased with product so that it has no chance to move.

50. Different Styles

This is essentially the same look just styled in two different ways. Even Brad Pitt tried out the undercut style this year.

51. Parted Styles

This unique style is very dramatic and definitely has an unusual fade.

52. Cool Vibes

A great look that is both cool and sexy.

53. Sharp Edges

This style is designed to perfections. There are so many different and cool elements to it.

54. Tall Styles

Another great example of a style with very long hair on top.

55. Bold Designs

This is a cool style that you are sure to love wherever you go. It’s long on top and short on the sides.

56. Square Edges

This look is styled in a square and that’s the way that it’s been cut.


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