36 Extraordinary Wedge Hairstyles For Your Next Amazing Style


Are looking for some hairstyle and haircuts ideas that may help you look trendy and confident? Well, there various of styles that may fit your needs. These types of haircuts are popular in the sixties but are still famous at the present time which either have some variations or modifications that can add to your desired look. Just make sure it’s suited to your face shapes, hair colors, and thickness and may not compromise the quality of your hair. Kindly, check this out:


A hairdo that’s perfectly fit to insouciance girls who enjoy a little sunshine everywhere she wants.  Especially to those who enjoys the beach; sands and waves. It’s tousled look makes luxuriating on a vacation, even though you’re stuck at your workplace all day long.



A fancy formal hairdo that’s perfectly suitable for any square or long face types or shapes. This type of hairdo is also suitable with or without glasses. Its uniform layers cut around the back and sides allows the volume to settle and be balanced. Bangs over the forehead frames the face to look good and can complete the overall look.



Sarah Harding’s bob haircut is a layered cut that’s perfectly suitable for blonde hair. It is one of the stylish haircuts for women that’s popular in today’s time. It can be modified to suit in all kinds of confront styles with a diversified kind of layers in your hair.

Wedge Hairstyles

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This type of wedge haircut gives you a stylish look every day without being too mess or formal.  Wedge haircut gives your hair a great and an even balanced look, either you have  a straight or curly hair.This hairdo is originated in the year 70’s and is still in trend. It’s similar to inverted bob hairstyle.


5. Kyungsoo’s Cute Hairstyle

A hairstyle which is fits persons who a thick kind of hair. It gives you a trendy look. The long hair in front is covering your forehead which makes look even cute. This type of style is famous to Asian, particularly in South Korea, and to all fans of some famous boy bands in Korea.36120416-wedge-haircutAlso See: 78 of the Best Senegalese Twist Hairstyle Ideas


This graduated bob hairdo is best suitable for those who want stylish looks but have a thick hair. It is one of the most fashionable short hairdos at the present time. As you can observe, the hair at the back is shorter than you have in the front.



A bob haircut that’s apt for blonde hair. The front hair is styled with a sweet wave look while the hair in the back is hanging down to brush her shoulder. This hairstyle is one of the classic hairdos the are seem to never go out of style.

34120416-wedge-haircut8. WEDGE HAIRDO FOR STRAIGHT HAIR

Below is a wedge cut on a straight hair. You can observe that the hair at the back of the head is short, then gradually increases in its length to the front.


Asian wedge hairstyle is a voguish yet low in maintenance kind of hairstyle. It’s a stylish, rounded and short wedge hairdo. The middle of her hair is in a rich look that’s full of volume.

31120416-wedge-haircut9. Celebrity Style With a Wedge

This celebrity girl has always had great style and this wedge cut looks amazing in blonde. We love the blonde on her because in practically glows. It’s a magical color that really brightens up her face. If you are looking for a style that glows then this is the one for you.


10. Amazing Layers for a Long Look

This is an amazing style with some great layers. The blonde makes the whole look pop right off. That’s the great thing about blondes, they really stand out. A layered look that has so many different layers, but it totally compliments her face. This is one of our favorite styles because it’s edgy but also very sexy as well. 27120416-wedge-haircut11. Platinum Locks With a Short Style

A great platinum look that is a sensation when it’s paired with a short choppy style. There is just something about being a platinum blonde that will always make you feel glamorous, like a movie star. Marilyn Monroe is a stunner and she had that platinum blonde style that just drew people in.


12. Very Short Wedge Style

You are sure to love this style because it’s is low maintenance and exciting. If you are looking for a new change then this is sure to be the style for you. The sides are very short, almost shaved. The top is much longer and the whole style is an edgy and modern look. 29120416-wedge-haircut13. Short Wavy Styles for Celebrities

A great style that looks amazing on Drew Barrymore. If you are looking for a change then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous style. It is truly rocking. We love any style that has Drew Barrymore rocking it because she is always a style icon and she looks good no matter what she wears. 30120416-wedge-haircut

14. Brunette Style a Stylish Bob

Katie Holmes has always been a fashion icon and with this style, there is nothing different. A short and sophisticated style that is sure to make you feel classy and elegant. Holmes rarely dyes her hair, and when she goes dark along with her natural she is truly amazing. We love the color here it has always looked good on her. She doesn’t need to dye her hair to look completely gorgeous. 21120416-wedge-haircut

15. A Short and Sweet Style

A great style that is very sophisticated. It’s a great look for someone with thick or thin hair and in this case, the hair is thin. It’s a style with highlights that add a lot of depth to it. If you like a simplistic style then you are sure to love this one. 22120416-wedge-haircut

16. Short Styles With a Deep Part

Sandra Bullock has always had short styles and she looks amazing in them. This one is simple and sophisticated and she looks great in it. The deep part gives her some much-needed volume and it’s a great look for someone that wants to keep things simple. This long bob is angled towards the face and it’s a gorgeous look for anyone. She definitely is a stylish woman and would be a great one to follow. 23120416-wedge-haircut

17. Multiple Shades on a Short Style

This is a very sexy short style that is sure to wow any crowd. The short underneath is a darker brown while the top is a stunning blonde. These short styles are truly magical. If you want a stylish look that is sure to turn heads then this is the one for you. The side part is quite deep her and it gives a very unique style, one that is very bold. Where can you find a better style than this one?24120416-wedge-haircut

18. Highlighted Short Styles

A great short style that is sure to impress everyone. This is a great style that has many layers in a blonde atmosphere. 25120416-wedge-haircut

19. Slick Bob With Rounded Edges

If you are looking for an edgier look than you have now found it. The Bob has a circular style to it and the color is truly remarkable. The back is kind of spiky and dark, a wonderful look for anyone who wants to be badass. 16120416-wedge-haircut

20. Dark Brunette and Short Styles

If you want a simple style then this is the one for you. It’s simple and yet sexy, a truly remarkable look that anyone can try out. If you want something great then this is the one for you. 17120416-wedge-haircut

21. Platinum Style With a Pixie Edge

If you are looking for a truly short style then try out a pixie wedge hairstyle. This style is super sexy and edgy. The platinum blonde is hot as hell as well. Are you looking for a big change and a sexy style then look no further than this. 18120416-wedge-haircut

22. Short and Sweet Style That is Magical

A great short style that has plenty of sex appeal. It’s a style that rests below the chin and it is really stylish. A wedge hairstyle is one that will never go out of style. 19120416-wedge-haircut

23. Shaggy Styles With Dark Colors

This short style is a combination of edginess and true sophistication. It’s a very modern look that has some straight edges in the front as well as a messy edginess in the back. It’s a short style that is truly one to knock the socks off anyone. 20120416-wedge-haircut

24. Short Styles With a Shocking Red Color

If you like short styles then this one is sure to really please you. If you want to add a little glamour and sexiness to it then add some shockingly bright red to your style. It’s a shock of red that is sure to please you. 11120416-wedge-haircut

25. Shaggy Styles That Are very Brunette

This short style has some bouncy curls to it. If you love wonderful volume then you are sure to love this sexy style. It is bold and can be worn just about anywhere. There are so many ways it can be styled as well. 12120416-wedge-haircut

26. A Sexy Style for Any Spice Girl

This girl knows what it’s like to be in the spotlight all the time so she always has to look good. This wedge hairstyle is a classic bob style that is so light blonde that it’s also white. we just can’t get enough of the gorgeous color. 13120416-wedge-haircut

27. Sexy Styles That Are Also Short

Another great example of a short style except this one has a deep bang. Bangs like this always create a lot of volume and this style has edgier lines than most. 14120416-wedge-haircut

28. Curly Styles That Are Short

Jessica Biel is practically glowing in this short style. This golden blonde hair looks amazing with the curly, short style that she is rocking. 15120416-wedge-haircut

29. Choppy Short Styles

If you are looking for something that is a little edgier then you have come to the right place. This style is truly one for the books. It’s glamorous and stunning and has a choppy layered look to it. 10120416-wedge-haircut

30. Angled Bobs Are Great Wedge Hairstyles

If you are looking for a classic look then you can’t go wrong with the angled bob. It’s sexy and modern and has yet to go out of style. If you are looking for something that draws the eye then look no further than this style.


31. Bold Short Styles That You Will Love

A short Style that is really shortly cropped to the head. If you are loving the pixie cut then you are sure to love this one. The hair is left natural and that’s great if you don’t like coloring your hair. 8120416-wedge-haircut

32. Wavy Short Styles That Look Wonderful

This short style has a lot of volume to it. The wavy nature is one that you are sure to love because it’s simple and yet so sophisticated. 7120416-wedge-haircut

33. Bold Blonde and Short Styles

A short style that is short in the back and long in the front. We love this bright blonde because it is so eye-catching and stunning. 6120416-wedge-haircut

34. Super Short Bob With Highlights

It’s a great style that is super short and sits above the chin. It’s a gorgeous coloring as well because it has the natural brown with some sexy blonde highlights. These styles are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  3120416-wedge-haircut

35. Edgy Bobs With Great Colors

A stunning style that has a great edge and some amazing layers. The short style in the back is very dark and the longer portions on top are shockingly white. These styles are edgy and very gorgeous. 4120416-wedge-haircut

36. Sexy Style With Blonde Designs

These styles are truly sexy and wonderful. These styles are edgy and the layers are feathered back. If you are looking for a beautiful style then you are sure to fall in love with this style. A blonde design is sure to open your eyes.


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